FortFS offers a high tech brokerage service to our traders. Main features of our high quality service include lowest spread on financial contracts which stays low regardless of liquidity on the market. The other features include execution of orders using the fastest and most accurate algorithms as well as wide range of bonuses and promos, mutually beneficial conditions for account managers and partners.

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The variety of trading account types allows our customers to choose one which is most suitable for their trading strategy. The following account types are available for our traders: FORT - a fixed spread account type, FLEX - a floating spread account type, Newbie - account for those who are new to trading and PRO - ECN account type.

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Our Offers

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Trading Contracts

The broker offers more than 140 classic and rare currency trading pairs, more than 50 CFD on ETF and USA shares and all kinds of commodity and financial futures. All the trading contracts are available in FortFS MetaTrader trading terminal.

More than 140 classic and exotic pairs
Usa blue chips
Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, eBay, Apple, etc
Commodity futures
Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, gas, oil and many others
Buy and sell Regions

Our trading platforms

Our customers access global financial markets using most popular trading platforms provided by FortFS: MetaTrader - one of the most popular trading platform in the World, especially in Asian region, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and CIS countries; CQG - a professional trading terminal with access to all global online trading exchanges: NinjaTrader - most popular and ranked #1 platform for futures trading.