Fort Financial Services Ltd operates on the basis of international brokerage license IFSC/60/256/TS/13 issued by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize 15.04.2013, which has been prolonged on 07.12.2018 under license number IFSC/60/256/TS/18.

This license provides the following for our clients:

  1. The guarantee of the company’s financial stability in connection with IFSC requirements for brokers to maintain capital assets guaranteed for payment to clients in a separate bank account.
  2. The guarantee to uphold the international standards of trader services according to IFSC requirements.
  3. The guarantee that the company will conduct quarterly audits and full annual accounting for regulator.
  4. The guarantee that disputes between traders and brokers will be resolved with the involvement of the IFSC as an independent arbiter whose decision is final and binding.