CopyTrading is the automatic service to copy trades from selected trader’s accounts. This service allows you to choose the most successful trading strategy from the Master Accounts rankings and to copy the trading with an equal or larger / smaller volume on your trading account. In the process of copying, a subscriber can completely control the process and stop or start up the copying of the trades at any time, as well as to make his own trading.

    Benefits of CopyTrading:

    1. In case of insufficient volume of transactions on the Master account within 30 days, the sum of subscription fee will be automatically returned to the subscriber entirety.
    2. Experienced traders can earn extra income by selling subscriptions (trading signals) from their Master Accounts in ranking.
    3. Master Accounts ranking is built on the basis of how effective a particular Master account manages the capital involved in trading. This means that regardless of the Master account balance, the ranking considers only the rate of profit growth of the margin participating in the transaction.

    Example for rating calculations:

    Trader A has $ 1,000 in the account. He sells 1 lot USDJPY, using for this transaction $ 100. Trader A has earned $ 200, therefore his effectiveness is 200/100 * 100% = 200%
    Trader B has also $ 1,000 in the account and sells 5 lots USDJPY. Margin for this trade is $ 500. If he earns $ 500, his effectiveness is 500/500 * 100% = 100%. Therefore, trader B showed lower efficiency for the amount of margin involved in trading and will be lower in the ranking than trader A.

    Thus, the rating reflects the most fair statistics of trading strategy for each Master Account.

    Master accounts rating

    To see the full Copytrading rating and detailed statistics for each master, please log in to Trader's room.

    PositionAccount nameSubscription price (USD)Max drawdownCurrent profitAccount ageEfficiency
    1Agrotendencias50 USD-241.50 USD730.20 USD63 day(s) 48113.33 %
    2ProWaveTrader15 USD-1517.50 USD31467.25 USD248 day(s) 67.01 %
    3ThreeToThirty30 USD-3076.72 USDC4250.55 USDC42 day(s) 37.08 %
    4ProfiTTradersNetwork25 USD-109.56 USDC1047.31 USDC311 day(s) 29.94 %
    5aBCtrading15 USD-10928.46 EURC73761.06 EURC371 day(s) 22.90 %
    6Fiddler15 USD-918.97 USDC6556.74 USDC266 day(s) 20.16 %
    7NMSmart15 USD-88468.31 USDC184534.59 USDC181 day(s) 18.04 %
    8ForexGump3025 USD-22.35 USD55.14 USD2 day(s) 17.44 %
    9Averager19 USD-102.73 USDC894.86 USDC13 day(s) 14.12 %
    10Sebastian-FortFS16 USD-778.92 USDC11695.57 USDC257 day(s) 12.35 %
    11AlfaTrade15 USD-3148.26 USDC11914.19 USDC71 day(s) 11.94 %
    12V8815 USD-131.76 USDC2442.24 USDC64 day(s) 11.86 %
    13VLG0215 USD-4329.60 USDC35637.90 USDC360 day(s) 11.12 %
    14XXL-Forex-Real-Profit50 USD-128.16 USDC1401.47 USDC9 day(s) 10.64 %
    15ST-OK15 USD-4893.39 USDC23511.52 USDC364 day(s) 9.51 %
    16Invencible420 USD-320.88 EURC3846.74 EURC185 day(s) 8.97 %
    17MAGMA-215 USD-23566.09 EURC90964.74 EURC344 day(s) 8.21 %
    18Smart8820 USD-4003.74 USDC13800.40 USDC279 day(s) 7.50 %
    19KOS15 USD-694.17 USDC11135.33 USDC292 day(s) 5.25 %
    20solar15 USD-24078.46 USDC139890.96 USDC126 day(s) 4.77 %
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