1. Go to “My accounts” page and select an account where you want to make a withdrawal from. After that, you have to click an icon with a wallet with a “-” sign and you will be redirected to a “Withdrawal” page. This page can also be accessed directly via main menu and then a required account has to be chosen:
  2. Choose “Inpay” in the list of all the payment systems:
  3. Enter your trading password, the amount you wish to withdraw. Also fill other required fields. Please note the commission being charged on your withdrawal. Click "Continue":
  4. You will get a confirmation e-mail on your mail:
  5. In order to proceed with the withdrawal, you have to follow the confirmation link in your e-mail:
  6. Confirm your withdrawal request:
  7. After that, your request will be accepted for processing. You can keep a track of your request in your “Finance history” in Trader’s room: