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Thời Gian Tiêu đề 
21.02.2017 19:54Crude Prices Flirt with Key Resistance- 2017 Opening Range Intact 
21.02.2017 17:30USD/CAD Constructive Above 1.3070 Ahead of Canada Retail Sales 
21.02.2017 17:28China’s Market News: Banks Face Elevated Targeted RRR as Fail in Assessment 
21.02.2017 16:48EUR/USD Losses Favored on RSI Trigger; Fed Mulls March Rate-Hike 
21.02.2017 16:23Brexit Briefing: Pound Struggles for Direction As Parliament Prepares for Ping-Pong 
21.02.2017 14:19Dollar Tests a Key Resistance Level as EUR/USD Sits on Support 
21.02.2017 12:53DXY Aims for Monthly Highs as Fed March Hike Odds Increase 
21.02.2017 08:48US Dollar May Rise on Fed-Speak, Pound at Risk on Carney Comments 
21.02.2017 07:50Crude Oil Prices Look to IP Conference as Deadlock Continues 
20.02.2017 19:01China’s Market News: The PBOC Revises Yuan Reference Rate Mechanism 
20.02.2017 12:24FX Markets Wait on UK GDP, Euro-Zone Inflation, and FOMC Minutes 
20.02.2017 10:00Developing Themes & Technical Views in The Commodity Landscape 
20.02.2017 06:59Yen Drops, Aussie Dollar Gains in Risk-On Start to Trading Week 
20.02.2017 05:05Gold Prices Retreat as Fed Rate Hike Bets Retake the Spotlight 
20.02.2017 00:40British Pound Under Pressure As Inflation Begins To Bite Consumers 
19.02.2017 23:55Another Light Economic Calendar Has Euro Following Global Risk Trends 
18.02.2017 05:14Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed, Team Trump Battle for Influence 
18.02.2017 04:34US Dollar Rise on Fed Rate Hike Bets at the Mercy of Team Trump 
18.02.2017 04:23Australian Dollar May Languish If Only For Lack of Clues 
18.02.2017 04:02Offshore Yuan Exposed to Onshore Risks as Spread Narrows 
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