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Thời Gian Tiêu đề 
22.05.2017 20:00EUR/USD Pushes Toward November High on Merkel’s ’Too Weak’ Comment 
22.05.2017 17:00AUD/USD Into Resistance – 7500 in Focus 
22.05.2017 15:16NZD/USD Breaks Monthly Opening Range Ahead of NZ Trade Balance Report 
22.05.2017 12:41OPEC, G7, FOMC Minutes Headline a Big Week for Global Markets 
22.05.2017 11:58Brexit Briefing: Sterling Stable Despite Pressure From Polls, Minister Davis  
22.05.2017 08:50Gold Prices May Decline as Fed Officials Talk Up Rate Hikes 
22.05.2017 04:22British Pound Slumps, US Dollar Looks to Fed for a Lifeline 
21.05.2017 18:30Euro Positioned to Continue Rally versus Greenback, Commodity Currencies 
20.05.2017 05:05Yen Crosses Look for Permanent Traction in Equity, Risk Slide 
20.05.2017 04:53Weekly Trading Forecast: US Politics, Economic News Flow Clash 
20.05.2017 04:26S&P 500 Attempts to Shrug Off Political Headwinds 
20.05.2017 04:18All Eyes on Vienna As OPEC Looks To Lock In Extension 
20.05.2017 04:14Gold Prices Resume Bull Trend After Halting a 4 Week Slide 
20.05.2017 04:07Kiwi Dollar: The Selling Pressure is Off For Now 
20.05.2017 03:59Yuan May Extend Gains on PBOC’s Strong Guidance 
20.05.2017 03:35Canadian Dollar: Which Way Will the BoC Jump? 
20.05.2017 03:30Australian Dollar Stuck With Its US Cousin’s Moodswings 
20.05.2017 03:26US Dollar May Rebound as the Fed Reasserts Rate Hike Intentions 
19.05.2017 18:40US Dollar Breaks to New 2017 Lows As EUR Shines and Fear Dissipates 
19.05.2017 10:03Brexit Briefing: EU Fears That Brexit Talks May Collapse 
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