Trading signals

We entered Friday, with gaining equity markets, indices moving in a different direction than at the beginning of the week. When this week started, US dollar was higher, and the shares were under rather strong pressure. The headline of the week and the driver for the active start of the new month will be the data on US jobs. Today it will be interesting and very volatile session, and, as always, the market will provide an opportunity to make money.

The situation in equity global markets is still in the spotlight - on Wednesday, US stock markets continued to grow, but today futures for US indices are under weak pressure. The euro sank to a minimum of 2018, before some USD profit-fixation was activated. Meanwhile, the pound was already well tuned to change and correctional growth on Wednesday, when positive news formed another upward momentum. Today, the dollar is finally beginning to implement the expected correction; however, taking into account the upcoming strong NON-FARM data, we do not think that it will be deep.