True ECN FOREX with minimal spreads!

Trade on institutional pricing with no dealing desk, no requotes and no restrictions, average spread from 0,1 pips.

Fort Financial Services is delighted to announce a new benchmark of service for professional Multi-asset traders. In collaboration with two industry leaders KCG Hotspot & CQG Inc we make the FX trading more professional, more flexible and more successful.

Fort Financial Services brings the institutional FX trading to the level of retails traders. The offer we provide will give CQG traders low-cost access to the Hotspot FX ECN. Users will be able to apply the full range of CQG functionality to the Hotspot ECN platform and to the widest range of FX instruments. As your Broker for the service, Fort Financial Services brings its expertise in rapid on boarding process, platforms and client support.

The solution is ideal for professional traders as well as for investment managers seeking currency, precious metals, commodity and equity futures in one highly professional terminal from CQG or the benefits of ultra-competitive real time hedging.


Fort Financial Services brings the powerful benefits of an independent, transparent Hotspot FX ECN marketplace structure to professional foreign exchange trading. These benefits include:

  • Full depth-of-book view.
  • Centralized price discovery.
  • Direct and anonymous market access.
  • Instantaneous trading on live stream of quotes.
  • Streaming prices and robust real-time pricing.
  • Benchmark, and reference data.

These capabilities and other Hotspot FX features were revolutionary when first introduced and they continue to set the Hotspot FX marketplace apart from other platforms. Hotspot FX's electronic foreign exchange marketplaces offer benefits to foreign exchange traders, which has resulted in its growth into the top rank of FX multibank ECN. There are a wide range of liquidity providers in Hotspot ECN and just some of them are well-known organisation such as Credit Suisse International, HSBC, UBS, Velocity, JPML. Combined with highly professional CQG terminals this solution is ideal for speculative trading as well as for long term trading.

Why FOREX ECN in Fort Financial Services:

  • Deep Liquidity from HOTSPOT ECN.
  • Complete Anonymity.
  • Innovative Technology from CQG.
  • True ECN with Competitive Pricing and Depth of Book Transparency.
  • Diverse market participant of Banks, Institutions, Hedge Funds, High Frequency Traders, Corporations.
  • Tight Spreads (0,1 pips).
  • Over 60 Currency Pairs Spot Gold & Silver.
  • 24-hour client service.
  • Flexible real-time and historical market data options.
  • Accounts in 8 base currencies.

60 Currencies & Metals with spreads as low as 0,1 pips.
Trade 60 currency pairs plus metals on our ECN pricing with spreads as low as 0,1 pips.

Ultra Fast Order Execution with CQG functionality (on the average 250 milliseconds).
High-speed, real-time, and historical market data from industry leader CQG Inc.

No Restrictions on Trading – Scalping Allowed.
The best trading conditions for scalping and high frequency trading globally no restrictions for your trading.

All Major Currencies Supported.
Open an account in one of 8 supported base currencies including: USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, SGD, NZD, JPY, CHF.

Level II Pricing – Market Depth.
CQG DOM shows the full range of executable prices coming directly from liquidity providers of HOTSPOT ECN.

Trading commissions

Traded Volume
(in USD equivalent)
Volume Commission in USD per 1 million USD
Currencies Precious metals
< 5 million 35 50
≥ 5 million 33 48
≥ 10 million 30 45
≥ 25 million 28 37
≥ 50 million 25 27
≥ 250 million 20 24
≥ 500 million 15 22.5
≥ 1 billion 14 21
≥ 2 billion 12 18
≥ 4 billion 10 15

The volume commission is charged in the primary currency for each opening or closing trade. Volume commission rate is expressed in USD per 1 million USD traded. Traded volume is volume of executed trades over the last 30 days in USD equivalent.


For more information, please, contact us:

Skype: CQGFortfs