Christmas Fairytale 2019

christmas fairy tale 2019-2020

FortFS wishes its clients happy upcoming holidays and announces the start of the annual promotion - Christmas Fairy Tale!

From December 02, 2019 to January 10, 2020 you can participate in the promotion and get up to $15 for every 10 closed lots with a trading account balance starting from only 100 USD!

How to participate in Christmas Fairy Tale?

  1. Have 100 USD or more on your trading account
  2. Trade and receive bonuses!


The amounts of the bonuses are as follows:

Standard accounts
(U.S. dollars or equivalent)
Cent accounts
(U.S. cents or equivalent)
Account balance in USD Bonus amount for every 10 lots Account balance in USD cents Bonus amount for every 10 lots
From 100 to 250 2 USD From 10000 to 25000 2 USD cents
From 250 to 500 5 USD From 25000 to 50000 5 USD cents
From 500 to 750 7 USD From 50000 to 75000 7 USD cents
From 750 to 1000 10 USD From 75000 to 100000 10 USD cents
From 1000 to 1500 12 USD From 100000 to 150000 12 USD cents
Over 1500 15 USD Over 150000 15 USD cents

Deposit and start getting bonuses right now!

  1. The promotion is valid from 02.12.2019 until 10.01.2020
  2. The maximum bonus for one account is limited to $500. By default, all client accounts automatically take part in the campaign excluding the "FLEX NEWBIE", PRO and S.T.A.R. accounts.
  3. Only accounts opened in MetaTrader 4 are taking part in this promo
  4. Only lots traded on Forex and spot metals are taken into consideration for bonus calculation.
  5. Lots are calculated separately for each trader's account.
  6. In case the balance of the account becomes lower than 100 USD, the account is excluded from participation in this promotion. In case the balance of this account will become again sufficient to take part in promotion, the calculation of lots will start from the beginning and previous traded lots will not be accounted.
  7. Locked and multidirectional position don't take part in the promotion.
  8. The company reserves the right to cancel all accrued bonuses if the fraud or conditions abuse are discovered, in particular the cheating with trading volumes by any means.
  9. All amounts are in U.S. dollars (or U.S. cents), equivalent is calculated for other currency accounts based on current rates.
  10. In case of any fraudulent activities detection (such as: receiving of the bonus by one client on several profiles; trading from several profiles by one client; lots generating without any trading purpose; multidirectional trades; heavy loading of balance/deposit leading to additional risks and any other violation of the Client agreement and Rules of proceedings for bonuses and promotions; etc.), the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and all the bonus funds, including bonus profit, without notice.
  11. In case of detection of any connection between two or more profiles (IP addresses, devices, etc.), anonymity tools usage (decentralized/hybrid networks, Tor, proxy servers, VPN-networks, specialized software, etc.), the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus, including bonus profit, without notice.

In order to refuse to participate in the promo-action please send a request letter to or use the request system in your Trader's Cabinet.