$10000 cents No Deposit Bonus

black friday

The grandiose event of Black Friday has now reached FortFS!
From November 27 to November 29, 2019, all FortFS clients will be able to get the largest no deposit bonus in the history of the company - $10000 cents!

How to get the bonus:

  1. Join FortFS group in Telegram: https://t.me/fortfs_chat
  2. Repost this publication to your Facebook page:
  3. Send a repost link to the FortFS Telegram bot @FortFSbot (https://t.me/FortFSbot)
  4. Wait for the end of Black Friday - the promo code for the no deposit bonus will be sent to your personal messages in Telegram on the period from December 04 to December 06!

Details are already available here:

Hurry up and get your bonus!


How to pass the verification?

  • Log in to the Trader’s Room.
  • Open the "Verification" section In the "Profile" tab.
  • Verify the mobile number. To do this you must receive an SMS with a code which have to be placed into a special field.
  • Download the documents that confirm the identity and address of registration in the field personal data verification.
  • The "Get Bonus" button in the "Bonus" tab ("Welcome Bonus" subsection) will become active after your documents will be approved by the manager.
  • More details about the rules and procedure of personal data verification can be found on our YouTube channel.

"$10,000 cents No Deposit Bonus" conditions:

  1. $10,000 cents No Deposit Bonus can be activated only by the clients who have received a promo code to activate this bonus
  2. In order to get a promo code to activate $10,000 cents No Deposit Bonus, you must fulfill the conditions presented on the website:
    1. Join the FortFS Telegram group https://t.me/fortfs_chat
    2. Repost the publication to your Facebook page
    3. Send the repost link to the FortFS bot in Telegram @FortFSbot (https://t.me/FortFSbot)
    4. Get the promo code on the period from December 04, 2019 to December 06, 2019
  3. The conditions from the p.2 can be fulfilled only in the period from November 27, 2019 to November 30, 2019 00:00:00 GMT+3
  4. All accounts of the participants on Facebook social network are thoroughly checked for compliance with the conditions specified in the following paragraph
  5. Terms and conditions for personal pages of participants in Facebook:
    • A participant’s account on a particular social network must have at least 30 friends
    • The list of friends and subscribers of the participant’s accounts in Facebook social network should be publicly available and open
    • Removal of published reposts is not allowed until December 31, 2019
    • Published reposts should be publicly visible
    • Facebook accounts of participants must be real and belong exclusively to participants. The bonus will not be issued to members whose Facebook accounts are bots / multi-accounts / fake accounts / closed accounts / farm accounts / accounts without activity
    • One client of the company is not allowed to participate and perform tasks from several accounts. Bonus will not be credited to those participants who use several accounts
    • Participants' Facebook accounts must not be created later than July 27, 2019
    • In case a participants's Facebook account does not meet any one or more conditions, such member will not receive the bonus
  6. Promo code will be sent in Telegram by FortFS bot in the period from December 04, 2019 to December 06, 2019 to all clients who have correctly fulfilled all the conditions
  7. The promo code to receive $10,000 cents No Deposit Bonus will not be sent to a client if the conditions for receiving the promo code are not met correctly, or if the User has not met the conditions within the specified period
  8. Bonus amount is 10,000 USD cents, which is equal to 100 USD
  9. Each client can get $10,000 cents No Deposit Bonus only once and only to one trading account. $10,000 cents No Deposit Bonus is not available for Newbie, PRO and S.T.A.R. accounts
  10. If there is already an active welcome bonus on any trading account, it must be cancelled before a new bonus can be activated.
  11. Before the completion of the trading turnover requirement, the bonus cannot be invested in S.T.A.R. accounts.
  12. Relatives are not eligible for the bonus. If it happens, the bonus and the profit gained with it will be canceled on all related accounts.
  13. The maximum amount of withdrawal of bonus funds, including profit accrued with them, is limited to 150 USD or equivalent in another currency
  14. Withdrawal of $10,000 cents No Deposit Bonus, as well as the profit received with it, is possible only if the trading account turnover conditions are met: on standard accounts it is necessary to make a total turnover of 100 lots; on cent accounts - 10000 lots
  15. The trades performed on Forex and Commodities (Metals) are counted into the required trading turnover.
  16. If the amount of bonus funds on the client's account is twice the amount of the client's own funds or more, then all received profit is considered bonus profit. In other cases, the client's own funds and the profit received with it are withdrawn without restrictions. In order to take deposit bonuses, please refer to other promotions of the company.
  17. Partners will receive their commission in accordance with the proportion of the client’s own funds. If the client’s own funds represent 90% of the total account balance and the 10% are bonus funds, then the partner will be credited with the 90% of the usual commission.
  18. In case of fraudulent activities (such as a bonus is received by one client for several accounts, multidirectional orders, meaningless lots generating etc.), the company reserves the right to cancel the account(s), the bonus amount and the profit gained with this bonus without notice.
  19. In case of any relation is detected between accounts (IP address, the same devices usage etc.) as well as the use of services that provide anonymity (VPS, proxy, VPN, networks such as Tor, VPS, etc.), the company reserves the right to, after investigation, cancel the bonus and the earned profit as well as the possibility to receive such bonus.
  20. To get the welcome bonus, the client must pass the full verification process in accordance to the Company’s requirements.
  21. The bonus has an expiration date and is valid within 45 days after the bonus receiving. Right after the expiration date all active welcome bonuses are to be canceled. Pay your attention to the fact that the welcome bonus expiration leads to all previously placed positions closing at the current market prices. We kindly advise you to take this information into consideration in order to complete the required bonus turnover or cancel the bonus/bonuses to avoid misunderstanding. If you have completed the required trading turnover or cancel bonus before the expiration date the forced positions closing will not take place.