Analityka techniczna

Bitcoin market technical outlook


Analysis method  - “Trend’s Potential”

August 13, 2018

Daily chart: Upward correction is possible in direction of the middle Bollinger band (7238.95), however, we have to remember, that market keeps mid-term downward tendency in direction of the lower band (5848.15), that makes long-trades very dangerous.

H4: Locally bitcoin keeps horizontal corridor within Bollinger bands (5995.05-6511.40) so far.

H1: Upward dynamics in direction of the resistance 6511.40 preserves, where new sell signals can appear.


Main scenario: Touch of the 6511.40 area and then slump in direction 6200.19 and 6157.73.

Alternative scenario: Breakout above 6511.40 can drive to continuation of upward correction in direction of the 7238.95 handle.

Trading recommendations:

  1. Search for sell signals at the 6511.40 area.

  2. In case of alternative scenario confirmation, longs in direction 7238.95 are possible.