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EUR / USD - the conditions have emerged for the test 1.1435-1.1500 the upper level of sideway range

On Friday, the main pair of the market was able to maintain positive sentiment despite volatile trading and strong data on the US labor market. However the quotes remain within a wide side range of 1.1335-1.1500, and the dynamics of trading is determined by this tactical factor. On Friday, the pair closed the trading day near the significant level 1.1400, and today the market continued to gain in the Asian trading session. The market approached the next resistance mark 1.1435, in this is an area where a strong resistance zone begins, continuing up to the level of 1.1475. Strategically, the market continues to sell the US dollar and technically there formed the conditions for the test of the upper limit of the specified range (this is the market area 1.1435-1.1500). The nearest tactical support is located in the area of 1.1390-1.1400. In case of a local pullback, the bulls organize defense at these levels.

Trading recommendations - buying in the area of 1.1390-1.1400.

GBP / USD - overcoming the level of 1.2780 will open the way for the market higher

High volatility in this market has not led to a change even in a tactical situation. The market is trading within a narrow sideways range 1.2480-1.2780. Moreover, the market can not overcome the nearest local resistance 1.2780 over the past five weeks. The apparent weakness of the US dollar gives some chances for the British pound to recover, given the strong oversold in the GBP / USD pair. For this, the market should fix above the first resistance 1.2770. The support zone starts at 1.2690 and continues to monthly lows - the 1.2480 area.

Trading recommendations - buyback when rolling back to 1.2665 and below

AUD / USD- weakness of the dollar led to the restoration of the oversold market

On Friday, the market moved to recovery pushing off from the level around 0.7025. For three weeks, the Australian currency was under pressure and now the market has begun to unload oversold conditions. Recovery can continue up to the level of 0.7200. However, the nearest resistance is located in the area 0.7145. Support is in the 0.7100 zone.

Trading recommendations - longs in 0.7100 area

Gold - the positive sentiment in the market persists

On Friday, players recorded profits in this market after five days of continuous growth during which an important psychological level $1,300 was reached. As a result, the market showed a very technical correction, quotes dropped to $ 1277, after which buyers entered the game again at more interesting and safer levels. Today, in Asian trading, quotes returned to positive territory, the market has strengthened to the $ 1291 zone, now it is the main resistance zone. However going long at these levels might be dangerous, it is better to wait for the market to decline to the first support area around 1285 and lower- down to $1277 zone.

Trading recommendations - longs in $ 1277 area and lower

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