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Daily News - Beijing and Washington prepare for new round of trade negotiations

1. On Thursday, the Chinese delegation will arrive to Washington

2. The government of Boris Johnson is preparing to disrupt negotiations on Brexit

Before a new round of trade negotiations between the US and China, the White House decided to blacklist 28 Chinese companies. Investors feared a breakdown in negotiations, but today Beijing officially confirmed that the Chinese delegation, led by Vice Premier of the State Council of the PRC Liu He, will fly to Washington on Thursday. The delegation will also include Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan, Governor of the Central Bank Yi Gang and Deputy Minister of Agriculture Han Jun. In a statement released today, China did not address the issue of blacklisted companies.

Today, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow made several comments that raised investor optimism before a new round of negotiations. In particular, he noted that the issue of excluding securities of Chinese corporations from the listing of US exchanges is not on the agenda. The United States is interested in a trade agreement and is ready to listen to any suggestions from the Chinese side.

According to Spectator, Boris Johnson is getting ready to stall Brexit talks. He places the main blame on the authorities of Ireland and the EU. According to The Daily Telegraph, in case of a breakdown in negotiations, the UK government is preparing a series of proposals to sabotage the work of EU structural bodies. As a minimum, the possibility of vetoing the seven-year budget of the European Union is being considered.


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