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Daily News - Emergency measures fail to stop Hong Kong protests

1. The situation in Hong Kong is again heating up

2. UK and EU blame each other for breaking negotiations

3. China builds up gold reserves

Tens of thousands of protesters again went to the streets of Hong Kong. Many put on masks, ignoring the ban imposed on Saturday under the state of emergency. Protesters smashed bank buildings and metro stations and police responded with tear gas shells. For the first time in 50 years, Hong Kong authorities were forced to use a state of emergency, but this was not enough to prevent protests. The tense situation in Hong Kong put pressure on Asian markets, which today are traded primarily in the red zone.

Michel Barnier, EU chief negotiator for Brexit, blamed Boris Johnson’s government for the UK’s exit from the EU. He noted that the three-year talks are now on the verge of collapse. In turn, the British Prime Minister, in an interview with Sun and Daily Express, said that there were only 25 days left before the country's official exit from the EU. The main question is whether the EU will want to part with us in a good way or whether the UK will be left on its own.


Gold reserves in China are growing tenth months in a row. According to the report presented in September, the reserves increased from 62.45 million ounces to 62.64 million. At the same time, China's foreign currency reserves in September fell by $ 14.8 billion to $ 3.092 trillion. Experts had expected a decline of just $ 6 billion.


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