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Daily News - United States imposes duties on goods from the EU

1. The United States impose duties on goods from the EU in the amount of $ 7.5 billion

2. Bank of Japan may take preventive measures to mitigate monetary policy

3. 10-years Treasury yields updated 3-week lows

On Wednesday, the WTO allowed the United States to impose $ 7.5 billion in duties on European goods in response to Brussels subsidizing Airbus. Today, the US Treasury issued an official statement according to which, starting from October 18, the United States will impose customs duties of 10% on agricultural products from the EU and 25% on a number of industrial products. A complete list of products will be presented tonight.

Today, one of the members of the Board of the Bank of Japan, Yukitoshi Funo, said that the regulator could soon take preventive measures to mitigate the monetary policy. These statements coincide with the opinion of the head of the bank Haruhiko Kuroda, who previously stated that if the impetus for the movement of inflation to the target level is lost, the regulator will immediately take measures to mitigate monetary policy. The next meeting of the Bank of Japan will be held October 30-31.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds updated 3-week lows amid the publication of weak economic statistics and worsening economic development prospects. Now trading is held in the region of 1.577%, against 1.651% on Tuesday. According to CME Group, now the market has estimated the likelihood of at least one more Fed rate cut this year at 86%


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