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Crypto foreign exchange market again under pressure


On Thursday, the cryptocurrency market got under pressure and is actively falling amid appeals from European financial regulators to take additional measures to protect users from the risks associated with the cryptocurrencies. On this background, among the ten largest coins in terms of capitalization, only Tether manages to stay in positive territory for the time being, demonstrating a modest growth of 0.22%. Reports of tightening control over the cryptocurrency market have traditionally led to increased shorts in the market and decline in capitalization.

At the same time, for individual coins, even positive news cannot stop the wave of sales covering the market. Earlier the news broke  that another 13 organizations have joined the RippleNet blockchain and now more than 200 companies are connected to this network. However, the coin is still moving within the bearish trend dominating in the market and is apparently preparing to go for the retest of the main support at $ 0.26.

Tron demonstrates a moderate decline, as today the coin has lost about 0.75% in price, but at the end of the last seven days of trading, it continues to grow at a good 35%. It became known yesterday that the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange added the TRX / USDT and TRX / BTC into margin trading range and now, using borrowed funds, users can increase their positions by three times.

Bitcoin is also actively declining today, at the time of writing, a decline of more than 6%, despite the fact that the amount of longs on this coin reached five-month highs on the popular Hong Kong Stock Exchange Bitfinex.

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