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Over the past 48 hours, the capitalization of the entire crypto currency market has increased dramatically - crypto currency market has increased from 198 billion dollars to 218 billion dollars after the rally, caused by a sharp increase in the value of the third crypto currency Ripple.

The main event of the trading session on Thursday was a massive USD dollar sell-off. 

Yesterday we observed a slowdown in the upward movement of the European currency, amid weak attempts of USD dollar to rebound from support in the area of 93.90-93.90 points. 

Today, EUR / USD is trading with a slight gains relatively to the opening price.

On Tuesday, with the start of US trading session, dollar sales resumed. 

The mood in the markets continues to be determined by the development of the situation around trade issues between the US and China. 

The US dollar starts a new week with a further decline as China threatens not to accept an invitation for trade negotiations in Washington if the US introduces new tariffs for 200 billion dollars on Monday.


On Monday, capitalization of the crypto currency market increased to the value of 202 billion dollars, and then fell to a mark of $ 200 billion. 

The new week begins under the influence of new disagreements between US and China regarding trade contradictions between the two countries.

One more trading week is heading to the end. Today we waited for US retail sales data and watched USD dollar decline.