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On Tuesday the situation in global markets remains tense. Yesterday, US markets experienced another strong decline.

New trading week starts unusually quiet. Does this mean that this week we can see an increase in volatility and this a kind of storm that is close?

New trading week begins with restraint sentiment in the market.


Analysis method - “Gann Swings + Price Action”

With the start of US trading session, USD dollar has finally moved to a decline.


Bitcoin Cash hard fork seems to be the cause of the recent collapse in the cryptocurrency market, in particular the bitcoin market. 

On Friday, global equity markets continue low-profile trading.

British currency declined 1.5% against the dollar, as did the British stock market after the British Brexit secretary for Dominic Raab resigned, saying that he could not support the current version of Brexit of Theresa May for two reasons .

On Wednesday shorts in US equity markets remain relevant - yesterday, despite some attempts to grow, US equity markets continued to decline, losing about one percent a day. 

In the middle of the week in equities markets remains negative sentiment.