After the emergence of positive news that G20 will not fight with cryptocurrencies...


For the last three trading sessions, Bitcoin is trading quite stably - given 30% decline over the past two weeks.


For the FOREX currency market, the last week turned out to be low-key and low active - the currency instruments hesitantly traded within narrow ranges, as trading activity was below the average.

On Friday, global stock markets were able to show restrained growth amid some positive change in the global market sentiment.


Unexpectedly, Brent oil prices returned to the upside. 


Gold maintained its offered tone and extended sell-off to 1310 last week.


We believe that the US currency will keep its bearish note in the first part of the day. 


The pound is still in a consolidation mode. 


The euro failed to regain the level 1.2250 where the major faced buying rejection and rebounded to 1.2300. 

Asian markets struggled for direction on Monday, with most traders opting for a moderate position ahead of the Federal Reserve's two-day policy meeting this week.