FortFS offers the extremely simple yet effective partner program: Broker. It was developed specifically for those who want to independently attract clients and quickly start their own business in the Forex, shares, and CFDs on ETF and futures market. This program allows you immediately to start working under a well-known brand using a world-class licensed brokerage service.

Easy ways to withdraw partner’s commission
Best commission rate on Forex
Detailed Statistics
Promos which help partners to attract clients
Right after registration on the company’s website each partner receives unique referral link. The received link can be shared anywhere on the internet (banners, forums, ads) or provided directly to the clients in order to affiliate them to the partner’s program. As soon as a potential client clicks on the link and proceeds to Fort Financial Services website they are automatically registered under your partner’s program. The partners receive their partner’s commissions per each order a client trade on real trading account (see the table below).





The table displayed below shows that Partner's status and the partner's reward depend on the total turnover (the volume of lots traded) the clients made for the last month. The larger the volume of the lots traded by your clients the higher your Partner’s status and the Partner’s commissions are. The partner’s reward is calculated as a percentage of spread or as a fixed sum in USD per 1 lot traded.

Partnership status trade turnover (month) Payouts
FORT (% of spread) FLEX ($ for lot) PRO ($ for lot)
Broker Up to 250 lots 35% of spread $2.69 $2.69
Introducing Broker 250-1500 lots 50% of spread $5 $5
Master broker from 1500 lots 65% of spread $6.5 $6.5
If you have any further questions please contact our Partner Relations Department and we will be happy to assist you: