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Questions About Accounts

Keperluan Deposit minimum untuk membuka akaun tidak wujud. Anda juga boleh membuka akaun tanpa membuat deposit.
We offer three types of accounts: Fort, Flex and Pro. A detailed description of these accounts can be found in the Terms and Conditions section. We also offer an Account for beginners.
Our company does not charge a commission to open an account.
Until the verification process is complete, customers may only open 4 trading accounts, but after the verification process is complete, there is no limit to the number of accounts that can be opened.
Flex and Fort accounts can be opened in American dollars (USD), euros (EUR), rubles (RUB), and are also available in “cents” - USD cents and EUR cents. Pro accounts can only be opened in US dollars (USD) and accounts for beginners can only be in USD cents.
Malangnya, ia tidak mungkin untuk menukar jenis atau mata wang akaun dagangan yang sedia ada. Anda hanya perlu membuka akaun baru dengan parameter dikehendaki.
The account will not be closed at any balance, but in the absence of trading activity on the account, it will be archived after 90 days.
You need to download MetaTrader terminal and run it: the process of creating a demo account will start automatically. To learn more about how to open a demo account, you can press the button Open a demo account in the left menu on our website.
Real accounts differ from demo accounts in that demo accounts use virtual funds. You don’t need to deposit actual funds to trade on demo accounts. Think of a demo account as practice. You can safely test new trading strategies or expert advisors.

Promotions and Bonuses

A no-deposit welcome bonus of 35 USD is given to new clients upon opening an account. There is no deposit requirement to receive this no-deposit bonus.
To receive the welcome bonus you will need to complete the verification procedure within 10 days from the date of registration of your account. Then, in the “Bonuses” section of your private office select "Welcome Bonus" and press the "Bonus" button.
The welcome bonus is available with Fort and Flex accounts in any currency. Accounts for beginners and Pro accounts are not eligible for welcome bonuses.
A deposit bonus is available to you when funding your account balance and is calculated as a percentage of the amount deposited, thus, in addition to the balance in your account, by selecting "Get the Bonus" before the transfer of funds, you can get 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% of the amount that you deposit in the form of a free bonus. Deposit bonuses are not available when transferring funds between accounts.
  • In order to be able to withdraw bonus funds, you have to meet the account turnover conditions. For the ability to withdraw a no-deposit welcome bonus and profits derived from the bonus money, you must complete deals amounting to 20 lots for classic accounts or 2000 lots for USD cents accounts.
  • To allow withdrawal of deposit bonuses you need to complete trades equal to the size of the bonus chosen divided by 4. For example, if you deposit $500 and choose a 50% deposit bonus, you will need to complete transactions amounting to 62.5 lots within three months (250/4 = 62.5).
You can see the number of lots you have transacted towards your bonuses by going to the “Bonuses” section of your personal office.
Cancellation of your deposit bonus can occur if the amount of your own funds in your trading account becomes less than the amount of the bonus money, or if you cancel the bonus yourself.
Bonus funds are not involved in maintaining positions during drawdowns and debited from your account, starting with the most recently added.

General Questions

Our company is a licensed broker and offers its clients an opportunity to trade on the world's financial markets.
In order to get started, you need to register on our website as a trader, open one or more accounts, go through the verification procedure, deposit funds into your account, then download and install the trading platform to your computer and start trading.
Our company works with both individuals and legal entities. Legal business entities are subject to additional requirements and documents, a list of which can be found in the Client Agreement and “Know Your Customer” policy.
The company is not a tax agent and does not provide information on the activities of its clients to the tax authorities of the Russian Federation. Because the Forex market is based on financial transactions, such as buying and selling currency in the foreign exchange market, it is considered an economic activity, which, in turn, is taxable. Article 229 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation requires all citizens to declare unrecorded taxes for the previous year. Also, according to Article 208 of the tax code, all income is subject to taxes, whether it be derived from sources in the Russian Federation or received from sources outside the Russian Federation. Income from Forex trading is income derived from sources outside of the Russian Federation and the personal income tax rate in this case is 13%. Therefore, each trader is required to pay a tax of 13% on their total income for the year. Traders will need to provide account status information for the beginning and end of the year on their tax declaration. If the trader was able to make a profit that year, he will have to pay a tax of 13% of this amount; if the loss was greater than the profits, then no tax is due. The key to self-pay income tax on earnings from the Forex market is to remember when tax returns are due to be filed with the tax authorities. Late submissions of tax declarations are subject to penalties. Also, be aware that tax evasion is a criminal offense. Therefore, ignoring the tax code of the Russian Federation can lead to fines or imprisonment for up to 3 years.

Financial Matters (Deposits/Withdrawal)

Adding funds to your account can be done in any of the ways specified in your Personal office. In deciding how to fund your account, be aware of the condition that funds can only be withdrawn from the account using the same method with which they were deposited.
To withdraw funds from your trading account, you can use the same payment system with the same account details from which it originated, unless otherwise specified in the rules of the company. To withdraw funds from your account, you need to create a withdrawal request and confirm it using the link that is sent to you via email. After processing and confirmation of your request, funds will be deducted from the balance of your account with the company.
Withdrawal requests are processed within 5 (five) working days.
If you change your payment details, you should notify the company by sending an email to the Finance Department: They will decide whether or not to allow withdrawal using the new payment details.
This type of issue is resolved with the client on a case-by-case basis. If you are unable to withdraw funds using the same payment details used for the deposit, you must submit a request to the Finance Department with a detailed description of the problem: A member of the Finance Department will contact you to resolve the problem.


The value of one point in a quoted currency = volume * tick size.

As a rule, 1 tick = 0.0001, but there are a number of currencies where the tick size = 0.01, for example, in pairs with the Japanese yen.

Example 1 – Determine the value of one point for direct USD/*** quotations:
  • Currency pair: USD/JPY;

  • Tick size: 0.01;

  • Position Volume: 1 standard lot (100,000 units of the base currency);

  • The current exchange rate of USD/JPY: 78.2.

  • The value of one point = 100,000 x 0.01 / 78.2 = 12.8 USD.

Example 2 – Calculate the value of one point for reverse ***/USD quotations:
  • Currency pair: EUR/USD;

  • Tick size: 0.0001;

  • Position Volume: 0.01 lot.

  • The value of one point = 100,000 × 0.01 × 0.0001 = 0.1 USD.

Example 3 – Calculate the value of one point for cross rates:
  • Currency pair: USD/CHF;

  • Tick size: 0.0001;

  • Position Volume: 1;

  • The current exchange rate of USD/CHF: 1.02;

  • The current exchange rate of the base currency pair CHF/USD: 1.05.

  • The value of one point = volume x tick size × base currency pair quote / current pair quote.

  • The value of one point = 100,000 x 0.0001 x 1.05 / 1.02 = 10.3 USD.
The margin is the amount of collateral the Broker requires in order to provide a line of credit:
  • Margin = the Position Volume / the leverage
  • Margin and Position Volume are expressed in the base currency.
Example 1. Margin calculation for direct USD/*** quotes:
  • Currency Pair: USD/CAD;
  • Position Volume: 1 standard lot (100,000 units of base currency);
  • Leverage: 1:100;
  • Margin = 100,000 / 100 = 1,000 USD.
Example 2. Margin calculation for reverse ***/USD quotes:
  • Currency Pair: GBP/USD;
  • Position Volume: 0.01 lot;
  • Leverage: 1:500;
  • The current rate of GBP/USD: 1.5523;
  • Margin = 0.01 x 100,000 / 500 × 1.5523 = 3.1 USD.
Example 3. Margin Calculation for cross rates:
  • Margin = the Position Volume/Leverage x exchange rate (the rate of the base currency) to the dollar.
  • Currency Pair: GBP/AUD.
  • Position Volume: 0.1 lot;
  • Leverage: 1:50;
  • The current rate of GBP/USD: 1.5523.
  • Margin = 0.1 × 100,000 / 50 × 1.5523 = 310.5 USD
The margin for locked positions is equal to 50% of nominal contract margin for the hedged volume. In other words, if there are two positions of same volume, one is buy order and second is sell which are 2 lots in total, the margin requirements will be as per 1 lot in accordance to the formula: (1+1)*50% = 1. Here is one more example: if there is a 1.5 lot buy order and a 0.7 lot sell order placed on the same contract, the margin requirement will be equivalent to 1.15 lot in accordance to the formula: (1.5-0.7)+0.7*50%.
A swap is a fee charged by the broker for carrying an open position over to the next day.

Swap = volume x number of days x Buy (long) or Sell (short) swap

There is an open position on EUR/USD to Buy 0.01 lot, which has been open for 20 days.
According to the table, the swap for a Buy order of 1 lot for EUR/USD, per day is -2.45 USD.
Swap = 0.01 × 20 × -2.45 = -0.49 USD.
Dividends are calculated on the funds available in your account using the following formula: average margin this month * 10%1) / 12. At the end of the month dividends are paid for each day of the month. Dividends are only credited to swap accounts. 1 10% is an example of the payout made to Fort and Flex accounts in USD, EUR and RUR account currencies.
The cost of 1 lot CFDs on stocks is calculated using this formula: 100 * lot * current price in MT4.


Just sign up in traders room of the company and provide all the necessary documents and signed the agreement. Our manager will contact you within the day.
You can open an account with 1000 USD. But for more comfortable work in the futures markets you we recomend to trade with about 10 000 USD.
Only by bank transfer. Payments with credit cards or virtual systems are not accepted.
At the end of the trading day, we send you e-mail with the account statement. If you do not trade daily, you recieve only monthly reports.
Yes, you can transfer your account from another brokerage firm, it is not necessary to close open positions.
If you do not have open positions through the Clearing break, you can trade with very low margins - from $500 for the most popular instruments. To transfer your open positions through clearing (close of the session) you need to have an account balance in accordance with exchange requirements for instruments. These requirements are the same for everyone and can be changed by the decision of the Exchange.
With ТNinjaTrader/CQG account you have access to all futures instruments that are traded on the CME, CBOT, NYMEX, LIFFE, MATIF, EUREX, NYBOT, COMEX. If you are interested in instruments traded on other exchanges, please contact our support team.
Password \ login to the demo mode NinjaTrader are valid for two weeks.

Affiliate Programs

In order to become an affiliate you need to sign up for the affiliate program in the "Partner Programs" section of our site.
Moving a client from one partner to another is possible if the customer himself contacts our support service with the request.
Partner rewards for each affiliate program can be calculated using the "Partner's calculator"
Your affiliate link is created in your partner's office after registration, it consists of the company’s web address, followed by a question mark and the affiliate code assigned to you at the time of registration.
You can withdraw partner profit using any of the methods listed in your partner's office.

Trading terminal

Mobile trading terminals are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile. They can be installed on your mobile device set up to access our company's server.
To change the passwords on your trading account, you can either contact our support team or you can change the passwords yourself in your Terminal on the “Tools” – “Settings” – “Server” tab.
In order to recover the password for your trading account, you need to contact our support service. They will send a new password to the email address provided at registration.
Most likely you accessed your account with your investor password, instead of your trading password. In this case, you cannot open new transactions in the terminal. You need to log on using your trading password.
This message means that trading is not possible due to the fact that the world's financial markets are closed due to weekends or holidays.
Charts may not load in the terminal if you are not connected to the correct server. You need to ensure that that your terminal is connected to the correct server:
  • real:
  • demo:
This message can occur for one of the following reasons: incorrect server connection, wrong trading password, or the account may have been archived due to inactivity of more than 90 days.

Personal Office

You can restore your password using our password recovery service by clicking on the “Forgot password” on the login form. After you enter your email address and click the "Restore" button, you will receive an email with instructions for creating a new password for your account.
To change your password, go to the “Personal Information” section and choose “Edit Personal Information”. Click in the password field and enter your new password and confirm it; then click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

Trading Questions

We offer Forex market instruments, contracts for difference (CFDs), metals, options, and futures contracts. In addition, we offer new Forex instruments like currency pairs with zero spreads.
A margin is a kind of loan that the company provides to its clients at the moment of opening a deal, so that the client can conduct a transaction for a far greater amount than the funds available in his trading account. Our company provides the following margin levels: 1:10, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, and 1:1000.
You can change the margin level in your personal office on the “My Account” page. You must first close all open transactions on the account before you can change the margin.
You can read the trading terms & conditions on the company website in the Terms and Conditions section.
A spread is the difference between the Ask (buy) price and the Bid (sell) price of an instrument. We use various spreads, depending on the type of account: the spread is fixed for Fort accounts, starts at 2 points for Flex accounts and for Pro accounts the spread floats from 0.1 to 1.3. In addition, our clients are able to trade currency pairs without spreads, which are available for all types of contracts with Fort and Flex accounts. These are indicated by the suffix ‘nospr.’
A swap is called payment for transferring an open position, it is considered for each position separately and depends on the volume, directions, trading instruments and trading program account. A swap can be both positive and negative. Our Fort and Flex accounts are swap-free accounts.
Trading is available around the clock from 00:00 GMT+2 on Monday to 23:00 GMT+2 on Friday.
The margin for CFD stock trading is 1:100.
A trailing stop is an algorithm that is used to automate the process of placing stop losses on open transactions – it automatically moves the Stop Loss with the price so that you have a guaranteed profit and the more the price goes into the plus, the further away the stop-loss will be set price, and in the case of downward movement, the stop loss will not move. In order to set the trailing stop, you first need to open a new deal, then in the box below the graph, right-click and choose "Trailing Stop" in the pop-up menu and set its level in points. The terminal must be running at all times in order for the trailing stop to work properly.


Verification of documents usually takes from 2 to 8 hours on business days, depending on the number of requests.
The list of necessary documents required for verification can be found in the "Know Your Customer Policy".
Probably, your files are in the correct format, or too large. Documents are accepted only in JPG or PNG, and the maximum size of the documents should not exceed 5 MB. If you are having problems downloading documents, please send your documents via email:
Most likely, your uploaded documents are of poor quality or low resolution, there are traces of editing, or the complete image is not visible. Also, documents can be rejected on the grounds that the image is in black and white.
You will need to enter the payment details that you intend to use for deposits and withdrawals in your personal office. If this section is left blank, then withdrawals will not be possible.
Phone number verification is necessary for client verification purposes. You need to indicate your phone number and click the "Verify" button on the “Verifications” tab in our personal office. A text message will be sent to the specified phone number with a code that you will need to enter in the box.
We can resend you a new code by text message. Contact our support team for assistance.

Virtual private server

You can automatically activate the virtual private server in your personal office. Instructions for the free connection will be sent to the email address provided by you during registration. Free VPS access is available to clients with at least 1000 USD (or the equivalent in another currency) of their own funds in their account.
To connect to theVPS from your computer, you will need to do the following: Start - All Programs – Accessories - Remote Desktop Connection, and then in the form that appears, enter the sign-in information for the VPS that were sent to your email when you activated the VPS.
In this case your VPS will be stopped in 3 days. You can restore it in the next 7 days. In 7 days it will be stopped beyond recovery.
The number of terminals that can be running on the server is limited only by the capacity of the server itself, although the recommended amount is no more than 5.
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, 1024Mb RAM, 50GB HDD. Preset MT4 terminal connected to a server at the company with administrative account. The VPS servers are located in the same data center as the trading server.