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8.12.2016 15:54EUR/USD Bear-Flag Persist as ECB Talks Down ’Taper Tantrum’ 
8.12.2016 15:54EUR/USD Bear-Flag Persists as ECB Talks Down ’Taper Tantrum’ 
8.12.2016 12:00ECB Has High Burden of Proof to Weaken Euro Today 
8.12.2016 10:37Crude Oil Prices Drop as OPEC Deal Cheer Dissipates 
8.12.2016 08:16Euro May Rise Even if the ECB Extends and Expands QE Effort 
8.12.2016 07:00ECB Preview: EUR/USD Recovery Vulnerable to QE Extension/Adjustment 
7.12.2016 19:14EUR/USD Volatility Ahead- Relief Rally Looks to ECB for Fuel 
7.12.2016 16:20December Forex Seasonality Sees US Dollar Weakness into End of Year 
7.12.2016 14:26Top Three Short-Term Issues Facing Global Markets Right Now 
7.12.2016 12:43USD/CAD Awaits Neutral BOC Today; ECB Has High Burden of Proof 
7.12.2016 09:21Gold Prices May Bounce in Pre-Positioning for FOMC Meeting 
7.12.2016 07:07Why Do Many Forex Traders Lose Money? Here is the Number 1 Mistake 
7.12.2016 06:53British Pound Edges Lower as PM May Moves to Outfox Critics 
6.12.2016 21:40Trading Leverage – A Real Look at how Traders May Use it Effectively 
6.12.2016 19:43EUR/AUD Approaching Decision Zone Ahead of Aussie GDP, ECB 
6.12.2016 18:04GBP/USD Pulls Back From Fresh Monthly High; Relief Rally Still Intact 
6.12.2016 16:30December Forex Seasonality Sees US Dollar Weakness into End of Year 
6.12.2016 14:30Is USD Reloading or Reversing? EUR/USD, USD/JPY Price Action Setups 
6.12.2016 13:10Italian Ref is Bad for Italy, Maybe Good for EUR; Brexit Looks Soft 
6.12.2016 11:32Crude Oil Prices Struggle at Chart Barrier After OPEC Rally 
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