Welcome Bonus $50

Dear Traders 50$

We are pleased to announce the start of the new promo-action “Welcome Bonus 50 USD”.

As from 05.12.2017 to 14.12.2017 inclusively all clients are eligible for a 50 USD no deposit welcome bonus or the equivalent in another currency.

New clients as well as those who already work with Fort Financial Services may take advantage of this bonus. If you are our client already and have previously received a 5 USD welcome bonus, you may also get the 50 USD welcome bonus during the promotional period by clicking the “Get bonus” button in the corresponding section in your trader’s room. In addition, if your previously received bonus of 5 USD is still active then you will be able to continue working with it. As a result, some of you will have the chance to work with both bonuses: the old and the new one. The required trading turnover for each bonus will be completed sequentially. Wish you the best of luck in your trading.


Terms and conditions of the “Welcome Bonus 50 USD” promo-action:

  1. Every client who passed the verification process in their trader’s room can get the Welcome Bonus 50 USD. Under the section “Profile” you will find the subsection “Verification” which consists of 2 sections: mobile phone verification and the verification of your documents. To verify your mobile phone number you need to request the sms with the code which is then typed into the corresponding field. Further, in the documents’ verification section you need to upload documents confirming your identity and documents confirming the indicated address (the list of required documents and the requirements to the quality of your documents can be found in the Client’s Agreement and in the Know Your Client Agreement). As soon as your documents are verified, in your trader’s room in the section “Bonus” and the subsection “Welcome Bonus” the “Get Bonus” button will be activated. After you press this button your trading account will be automatically credited with 50 USD (5000 cents, if your account is in cents, or the equivalent in Euro or Rubles, depending on the currency of your account).
  2. The Welcome Bonus 50 USD can be received within the promotional time period, from 05.12.2017 to 14.12.2017 inclusive.
  3. The Welcome Bonus 50 USD can only be received once on 1 trading account. The Welcome Bonus 50 USD is not available for Newbie, PRO and S.T.A.R. accounts.
  4. Before the completion of the trading turnover requirement, the bonus cannot be invested in S.T.A.R. accounts.
  5. Relatives are not eligible for the bonus. If it happens, the bonus and the profit gained with it will be canceled on all related accounts.
  6. The Welcome Bonus 50 USD and the earned profit can only be withdrawn after the completion of the required trading turnover: 50 lots on standard accounts and 5000 lots on cent accounts.
  7. The trades performed on Forex and Commodities (Metals) are counted into the required trading turnover.
  8. Your own funds and the profit gained with your own funds can be withdrawn at any time without restrictions.
  9. Example:

    • You opened a real account and got the Welcome Bonus 50 USD.
    • While trading you earned 15 USD so the balance of your account is now 65 USD. However, before the total traded volume reached 50 lots, you cannot withdraw the profit.
    • Let’s say, you decide to deposit 20 USD of your own funds to your trading account. The total balance becomes 70 USD.
    • Later, while trading, you earned 10 USD.
    • If, by then, you have still not reached the required trading turnover (see p.6), you will only be allowed to withdraw the amount of your deposit (20 USD)+ the profit earned with your own funds (in this case 28.57% of the total profit or 2.85 USD).
    • In total: 22.85 USD. In case that you have completed the required trading turnover, you would be able to withdraw the 70 USD + the profit.
  10. Partners will receive their commission in accordance with the proportion of the client’s own funds. If the client’s own funds represent 90% of the total account balance and the 10% are bonus funds, then the partner will be credited with the 90% of the usual commission.
  11. Example:

    • The client you attracted receive the 50 USD bonus and deposited another 50 USD.
    • In this case, client’s own funds represent 50% of the total balance.
    • As a result, the partner will only receive 50% of the usual commission.
    • If your usual commission is 65% on spread then in this example, it will be 0.5*65%=32.5% on spread.
    • Such calculations will be held until the required trading turnover is reached (see p.6)
    • As soon as the client reaches the requirement, your partnership commission will be calculated normally.
  12. In case of fraudulent actions (such as: the bonus was received by the same person on more than one account or under different profiles, multi-directional trades, etc.), the company reserves the right to, without prior notice, cancel the bonus and the earned profit from such an account (accounts).
  13. In case of any relation is detected between accounts (IP address, used devices,meaningless lots generating and etc.) as well as the use of services that provide anonymity (VPS, proxy, VPN, networks such as Tor,VPS and etc.), the company reserves the right to, after investigation, cancel the Welcome Bonus and the earned profit.
  14. The maximum profit amount earned with bonus funds (including the bonus) to be withdrawn or invested is 150 USD or countervalue in other currency.
  15. To get the welcome bonus, the client must pass the full verification process in accordance to the Company’s requirements.