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Since company’s partnership programs have been launched hundreds of people earned their first capitals cooperating with us! FortFS has developed affiliate programs in such a way that anyone can choose the most suitable program, take part in it and enjoy guaranteed profits.

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We ensure that our Partners receive steadily growing income, that's why FortFS offers the most simple and understandable partner programs with transparent conditions and high rewards.

More than
$10 000 000
Was paid to the partners since the foundation of the company

A high degree of brand recognition, excellent trading conditions, fast trading orders execution, fast processing of funds deposits and withdrawals and regular promo actions give you serious competitive advantages on the market. Therefore, you can easily promote and offer FortFS services to potential clients.

Facts and Figures

up to 65%
up to 25 usd
per one standard Lot
up to 10%
of financial TURNOVER

Affiliate Programs

You can choose the most convenient Affiliate Program for you.

Get the highest % acquiring new clients to FortFS
Build multilevel network acquiring new clients and get your profit from every sublevel
Get your reward for every acquired investment
Get your reward for every CopyTrading subscription

Get more privileges with FortFS

  • Personal account manager
  • Detailed statistics in your Partner Cabinet
  • Promo actions for partners
  • Promo actions for clients
  • Convenient ways to withdraw partner’s rewards
  • Real-time reports and statistics
  • 24/7 support
  • Promo materials in 10 different languages
  • Withdrawal of partner’s reward at any time without limits

Important information

More information about the partnership commissions calculation can be found in related section of the affiliate program terms and conditions. Partnership rewards payment is carried out with the conditions of MTP (Minimal Trade Points). These conditions mean that the affiliate commission will be credited only in case the length of a trade is above or equal, but not less than a certain number of the price fluctuation points. For example, a trader bought EUR/USD at 1.3515 and sold at 1.3518 – in this case the price fluctuation points are 3 and MTP conditions are met and commissions will be credited. For PRO accounts MTP is set to ZERO! Partner’s commission is not charged for trades opened or closed by “Lock Trading” method that is multidirectional trading with the same contract and same volume within 10 minutes.

Partner’s reward is not credited for turnover made on Flex Newbie type accounts, on transactions made using Welcome Bonus and profits received with the participation of bonus funds, until the required number of lots is made, according to the bonus conditions and regulations.

Company reserves the right at any time to limit the total partnership commissions to 20% of the partner's clients Net Deposits (difference between all deposits and all withdrawals). In case total payments to partner exceed stated above limit, the Company can at any time deduct the overpaid sum from any trading or partner account belongs to the partner.

Minimum commission amount to be credited to Partner account is equal to 0.1 USD Cents