Weekly reviews

No one is shocked by Donald Trump’s harsh statements about the “erroneous” and “catastrophic” monetary policy of the Fed. During the entire presidential term, there were not a single month so that Trump has not brought down streams of criticism against not only the Fed, but also personally against Chairman Jerome Paul.

Expectations of a meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping limited the volatility of financial markets last week

During the week of July 1-7, the market will play out according to the results of the G20 summit and monitor economic statistics from key regions of the world


Virtually no one has any doubt that the OPEC + deal will be extended. And nevertheless, the dates of the cartel meeting were postponed from June 25-27 to the beginning of July. 

The explosive rise in gold prices signals that fear has once again visited global financial markets. 

It can be said with confidence that British Prime Minister Theresa May has made every possible effort to solve the Brexit problem. 


The Analytical Department of FortFS studied economic and political information about the economies of major regions of the world to determine what to expect in the next 90 days in the global stock markets and how it will affect the US stock market, where the main investment capital is still concentrated.  

Market continues to monitor the development of trade conflict between the U.S. and China

Next week we follow the speeches of the Head of ECB and the Federal Reserve Board and the publication of minutes of the regulators' meetings


The US Federal Reserve announced at past meetings that moderate inflation is caused by temporary factors.