Trading signals

We are at the end of the week at Friday's trading session and are looking at the FX performance. 

Looks like market did not have time to assess China positive trade data, since the most of market focus concentrates on the political background and news from China-US trade talks.

Yesterday market event finally took the expected turn the one we were talking about for entire week.

Last week we talked a lot about the unstable, unidirectional nature of the markets, a trend that has moved into the current five-day period.

China is returning from the week of rest, and it will be interesting to see how this will affect FOREX market. 

As a gentle reminder, China was absent throughout the week due to New Year's lunar holidays and will return to the market next week. 

US dollar, which seemed to convince everyone in its weakness, returned this week across the board and gained against all actively traded currencies. 

Australian Reserve Bank governor Lowe forced traders to perform emergency longs close on the Australian currency market on Wednesday early in the morning, as the banker announced more neutral forecasts.

Currencies are not all that active in the first half of the week, with some price actions deserve a little of attention, although not much really. 

We're off to a quiet market start this week, after a week in which US Dollar was mostly sold on Fed policy decision and out 2019 outlooks.