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The weakening of the dollar may be a medium-term

On Monday and Tuesday, the economic calendar of Europe and the US does not imply a large amount of macroeconomic data, but despite it the volatility for the EUR / USD currency pair remains at a high level due to the strong influence of geopolitical factors on the market.

Today, the European currency continues to slowly gain. In European trading, EUR / USD is trying to gain a foothold above 1.1515, trading at 1.1522. Weakness of USD dollar supports commodity markets and metal markets. Gold approached zone 1200 and is trying to break through this mark.

Market sentiment in the stock markets continues to improve on the background of the weakening US dollar and improved fundamental background. Yesterday the news broke that Trump criticized the head of the Fed, J. Powell, expressing dissatisfaction with the continuation of the policy of rate hikes, and said that the regulator should help the administration in stimulating the economy, that is, to contribute to a weak dollar.

Against this background, we can see the continuation of the weakening of the US dollar and the increased willingness to take risks that will support equity assets in the middle of the week.

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