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The digital currency market is traded with a moderate growth on Thursday.


The digital currency market is traded with a moderate growth on Thursday. During the session the capitalization increased from $ 133.1 billion to $ 134.5 billion. The most discussed topic in the market today are the statements of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) which yesterday warned about the threat that crypto assets represent to the banks and financial stability in general. BCBS stated that the continued growth of marketplaces for crypto actives and new other financial products related to the cryptocurrencies could potentially cause problems for financial stability and increase the risks that banks face. Cryptocurrency does not provide a reliable replacement for fiat money and is unsafe as the means of exchange or preservation of value.

Among the top 10 tokens today, Stellar is demonstrating the best growth dynamics which has gained in price from the beginning of the session by 7.8%, and by the end of seven days trading it demonstrated an increase of 28.4%. Increased interest to this coin is associated with reports that the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pro has included the token in the list of available for trading.

Restrained growth today shows Ripple + 0.6%, although the day before it became known that the company is ready to invest more than $ 100 million dollars in games developing based on blockchain technology use.

Strong growth demonstrates the SingularityNET token today , + 8% since the beginning of the session. The coin growth is facilitated by the reports on the system cooperation with the largest insurance company in the world. The day before it became known that SingularityNET entered into a partnership agreement with Ping An. Such collaboration will take place in the field of OCR technology which allows you to convert various types of documents into editable formats.

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