Fundamental analytics


GBP / USD remains in the green trading zone today thanks to the weakening of the dollar. 


The EUR / USD pair is trading up 0.15% on Tuesday, thanks to easing dollar pressure.    

The US dollar on Tuesday trades with a slight decline before the speech of former Fed head Janet Yellen.


On Monday, oil prices are in the red due to growing concerns about the prospects for market development in the context of a worsening epidemiological situation in the world.    


On Monday morning in Asia, gold fell to its lowest level in 1.5 months due to the strengthening of the dollar, but very quickly won back losses and is now trading with a rise of 0.45%.

The trading week on the financial markets was moderately quiet. 

Heated political battles in the U.S. have gradually subsided, which has helped stabilize the financial markets.


The EUR / USD pair is currently trading with a slight decline against the background of a moderate strengthening of the dollar.


Gold is showing moderate gains on Friday.