Take part in the contest hosted in the official FortFS Telegram group and win a unique bonus:


3 bonuses of 5 USD each as real money on your safe account


Withdrawable without trading turnover requirements


No limits - win and withdraw every week!

How to participate?


Be a member of the FortFS Telegram group


Every Tuesday a new trading instrument will be announced for you to give your signal


Send to the Telegram group a screenshot with your signal and a hashtag #Cash4Signal


Authors of the 3 best signals will be determined on Wednesday and will be credited with 5 USD each to their safe accounts!

Promotion schedule: every Tuesday from 10:00 to 18:00 (EET, UTC + 2 during winter, UTC + 3 during summer).
A new trading instrument is announced every week - be aware!

Master the signal game and grab your 5 USD!


  1. The contest takes place every Tuesday in the official FortFS Telegram group @fortfs_chat
  2. How can you participate in the Cash4Signal contest:
    1. Wait until 10:00 on Tuesday (EET, UTC + 2 winter time, UTC + 3 summer time), when a new trading instrument for the signal will be announced across FortFS social media
    2. Go to the official FortFS Telegram group @fortfs_chat and post a message with a signal for the published trading instrument (the requirements for processing a message with a signal are specified in clauses 4, 5, 6 of these conditions) - the signal must be relevant for the date on which it was published
    3. Wait for the results of the contest the next day (Wednesday after the end of the competition) - the winners will be announced in the official FortFS group in Telegram@fortfs_chat
  3. Signals are accepted in the official group of FortFS in Telegram every Tuesday from 10:00 to 18:00 based on the trading server time (EET, UTC + 2 during winter, UTC + 3 during summer)
  4. The signal should contain a picture and a text message
  5. Requirements for the text part of the signal message:
    1. Entry point level
    2. Stop Loss level
    3. Take Profit level
    4. Hashtag #Cash4Signal
  6. Requirements for the image part of the signal message:
    1. A chart screenshot for the appropriate trading instrument
    2. Entry point level
    3. Stop Loss level
    4. Take Profit level
    5. 2 hashtags: #Cash4Signal #FortFS
    6. Chart images should be based on the following example: - FortFS logo should be replaced with hashtags
  7. Signals of participants should not match. In case of identical signals, preference will be given to the signal sent earlier
  8. All participant signals are property of FortFS
  9. Mentioning the names of other Forex related companies in signal texts or in screenshots is prohibited
  10. Requirements for the Cash4Signal participants:
    1. Every Cash4Signal participant should be a member of the official FortFS news channel in Telegram @fortfs and the official FortFS chat group in Telegram @fortfs_chat
    2. Every Cash4Signal participant should have a registered Telegram username (e.g. @username)
    3. Every Cash4Signal participant can send only one signal message per one competition to the FortFS Telegram chat group
    4. Cash4Signal participants cannot change their signal messages after sending them
  11. In case if one or more of the aforementioned requirements were not completed by a Cash4Signal participant, that participant is excluded from the contest with a penalty of not receiving the prize
  12. Signals of the Cash4Signal participants will be examined by FortFS analysts
  13. In order to win the Cash4Signal contest, you must leave a signal that will provide the maximum profit during the current trading session (Tuesday trading session).
    In the event of multiple participants providing signals which will lead to the same profits, the one with the lower Stop Loss level will be the winner
  14. Every trading signal remains relevant (or active in the competition) from the moment of the signal message publication in the FortFS Telegram group (@fortfs_chat) to 00:00 of next Wednesday (EET, UTC + 2 winter time, UTC + 3 summer time).
    Example: if a participant posted a signal on Tuesday at 17:55 (EET, UTC + 2 during winter, UTC + 3 during summer), then the data from that signal will be projected onto the trading chart starting on Tuesday in the interval from 17:55 up until the end of Tuesday trading session on 00: 00 of Wednesday (EET, UTC + 2 during winter, UTC + 3 during summer)
  15. In case if Stop Loss or Take Profit levels stated in the participant's trading signal were not reached until  Wendesday, 00:00 (EET, UTC + 2 during winter, UTC + 3 during summer), then a trading order opened based on such signal will be fixed at the closing price of the trading day
  16. Values of the current trading instrument are determined based on the FortFS trading terminal
  17. The results of the contest are summed up on Wednesday (the day after the end of the contest) in the official FortFS group in Telegram @fortfs_chat
  18. Every week the Cash4Signal contest can have no more than 3 winners
  19. Every winner must be a verified FortFS Client
  20. Every winner should be a member of the FortFS Telegram group @fortfs_chat
  21. In order to receive the prize a winner must contact FortFS Promo Bot via Telegram (@FortFS_promobot or and specify his/her personal email address used for registration at FortFS:
    1. Open a chat with the bot
    2. Press the Start button
    3. Send a message specifying your personal email address
  22. Weekly Cash4Signal contest budget is equal to 15 USD
  23. Each of the three winners receives a prize of 5 USD
  24. Prize money are credited to the winner’s safe account
  25. Prize money cannot be used for trading, but can be withdrawn without any limitations
  26. The weekly prize of $15 is fully distributed between 3 winners only if on each specific date the number of participants who correctly completed the conditions is 5 or more. If the number of participants in the contest who correctly completed the conditions on a specific date is 4 or less, the contest shall be considered obsolete and the prize money will not be distributed
  27. The prize is credited to the winner’s safe account within 3 business days after our bot receives a personal message from the winner
  28. The contest starts on 2nd of June, 2020. The end of the contest will be announced separately
  29. The Company reserves the right to exclude any client from participation in the promotion at its own discretion if there are reasons to believe that the information provided at the time of registration and verification of the account is false, as well as in case of detection of fraudulent actions of any kind