The CQG market terminals are professional high-technology trading terminals specially developed for internet trading in global markets of derivatives, futures, options, indices as well as spreads and OTC products.

CQG Webtrader
Lite web-platform for quick access to the markets.
  • Free
  • $0.25 per contract
CQG qTrader
Professional trading platform for trading futures, options and spreads.
  • $40 per month
  • $0.25 per contract
CQG Integrated Client
High-performance professional trading platform for professional traders.
  • $595 per month
  • $0.25 per contract
Mobile version of the trading platform allows trader to access fresh market news and data and manage orders on the go. 
  • Free
  • $0.25 per contract

FortFS works to establish strong relationships with respected exchanges around the world. CQG technology infrastructure provides our clients with a faster and a more reliable access to the preferred exchanges and products.

  • CBOT: Chicago Board of Trade
  • CME: Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • COMEX: Commodity Exchange, Inc.
  • GLOBEX: CME Electronic
  • ECBOT: CBOT Electronic
  • IMM: International Monetary Market (Div. of CME)
  • IOM: Index and Options Market (Div. of CME)
  • KCBT: Kansas City Board of Trade
  • NYMEX: New York Mercantile Exchange
  • ICE: Futures Canada Exchange
  • Eurex: European Exchange
  • Euronext: European Mercantile Exchange
  • SFE: Sydney Futures Exchange
  • SGX: Singapore Exchange

Contract specification is available here


CQG is a leading developer of high-tech solutions in the Internet trading industry including delivery of trading data and advanced technical analysis tools. CQG provides direct market access to more than 40 exchanges through a global network of united exchange gateways and servers.

The CQG trading terminals

CQG QTrader offers many of the same features available in CQG flagship product, CQG Integrated Client, at an accessible $40 per month plus $0.25 per filled contract (included in FortFS commission). These features include:

  • ВQuality market data.
  • State-of-the-art charting and analytics, including the CQG-exclusive TFlow®.
  • Portfolio and Instrument Monitors offering a broad technical view of the markets.
  • Efficient and easy-to-use order routing tools, including trading from the chart.
  • All popular order types, including orders that will automatically follow the study values on a chart.
  • Ability to pull real-time market and study values into Excel® using the RTD syntax.

How to open a CQG account and begin trading


Register on the website


Verify your profile


Fund your CQG account


Start trading using a CQG trading terminal

In order to have access to the wide range of the world’s top financial markets, you just need to open a CQG account with our company. This is quite simple and takes only a couple of minutes. What you need to do is:

  1. Register on our website by clicking "OPEN TRADING ACCOUNT CQG" on the left panel. If you are already registered enter CQG section in your trader's room.
  2. Specify the settings of your CQG account in your trader’s room, and then wait for the confirmation of account opening from company compliance department.
  3. Complete the verification procedure and provide three suitable documents of good quality, as well as a signed and scanned copy of CQG client agreement in Client’s personal area. Wait for the confirmation.
  4. Fund your CQG trading account in our company using wire bank details provided in CQG client agreement.
  5. Download CQG trader or CQG QTrader terminal from our website to start working.
  6. Right after your account was funded you can start working immediately