Investment portfolio

These are financial tools that investors chose to invest their funds in. For example, some of the money is in shares of two large companies, another part is in gold and some of the money has even been converted into in pounds sterling. This is the "investment portfolio." After consultation with the Investment Manager (see), the client may decide after some time to change the balance of power in its portfolio, profit by selling the shares in the two companies at the right time and acquiring shares in corporations from another industry that will soon be on the rise. Also it can successfully sell pounds, which rose in price, and buy euros, which at the moment is slightly reduced, so in a couple of weeks it will take off in price. In making such decisions, it is necessary to rely on a detailed analysis of all aspects of financial markets. Read more about how to work with an investment portfolio, in the book "Portfolio management" by of Alexei Burenin, as well as in “The intelligent asset allocator: How to build your portfolio to maximize returnsand minimize risk” by William Bernstein.

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