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Daily News - UK Parliament refuses to quickly legislate Brexit deal

1. Boris Johnson may initiate snap elections

2. China wants to change Hong Kong administration head


On Tuesday evening, the British Parliament approved the Brexit agreement, but refused to legislate it urgently. Legislators want more time to study in detail 110 pages of the main agreement and a large number of related documents. This decision increases the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, as lawmakers can make various amendments in the process of reviewing the document, which will actually mean canceling the agreement. It will be extremely difficult for Boris Johnson to fulfill his promise of leaving the EU before October 31. To put pressure on parliament, he said that he would initiate early elections if lawmakers consider this document too slowly. The position of the European Union regarding the possibility of providing a new delay on Brexit remains open to question.

According to the Financial Times, official Beijing is developing an action plan to remove the head of Hong Kong administration, Carrie Lam, from power. Thus, China wants to stabilize the situation in the city and end the violence. The head of the Hong Kong administration may be the ex-head of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Norman Chan or the former chief secretary of the city administration, Henry Tan.


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