Fundamental analytics


The EUR / USD pair has set a new 15-day low of trading today. The decline in quotations is taking place against the background of the strengthening of the dollar across the entire spectrum of the market.


Gold hit an 11-day low in Asia on Friday.

On Friday in Asia, the dollar index continued to rise after the release of strong macroeconomic data the day before.


The EUR/USD pair in morning trading on Thursday demonstrates a downward movement vector against the backdrop of a recovery in the dollar across the entire spectrum of the market.  


The GBP / USD pair is trading down more than 0.15% today.  

On Thursday in Asia, the US dollar is strengthening against all G7 currencies.


On Wednesday, in Asia, gold was trading near yesterday's intraday low.


On Wednesday, in Asia, oil prices were mostly held in the green trading zone.

On Wednesday, major stock indices are under moderate pressure amid inflationary risks.


GBP / USD today tested 1.4249 and set a new high since April 2018.