For master

. To use service, you should have a verified profile in Fort Financial Services.
2. To create a Master Account, the overall deposit amount, not taking into account bonus amounts, must be minimum 100 USD.
3. To protect subscribers’ interests the company set a minimum trading turnover: the amount of the monthly subscription/ 10. For example, the Master Account set a subscription cost of 20 USD, then the minimum trading turnover will be 2 standard lots. If the Master Account is in cents, then the minimum trading turnover will be: (the amount of the monthly subscription/10)*100. In case of the above example it will be 200 micro-lots. If the Master Account does not reach the required minimum turnover within 30 days, then the full subscription amount will be returned to the subscriber. If the Master Account reaches the required turnover, then at the end of each subscription, funds are automatically credited to the master’s USD current account.
4. If there is no trading activity on the Master Account for 30 days, then the Master Account is excluded from the rating until it resumes the trading activity.
5. The minimum subscription amount is 15 USD.
6. The company retains a 10% commission from the subscription cost. The amount is credited to the master’s USD account after deducting the 10% commission by the company.


Create a Master Account

To create a Master Account, you need to have forex trading account of type Flex, Fort or Pro. Fill in the form to create a Master Account.

  1. Select a trading account.
  2. Set a subscription cost.
  3. Set a unique name for your account. This name will be reflected in the rating. We recommend that you use English symbols, it will be easier for subscribers to find your account.
  4. Enter your account description (for example, the strategy used in your trading).

Create Master account