Unlimited Leverage


What is the unlimited leverage? 

Usually it means borrowed funds provided by broker to clients to enable clients to open larger positions and to increase income from investing without increasing their investments. However, the leverage always has an established limit which is originally determined by the broker and cannot be changed.

But FortFS removes all limits!

Our customers can use the service of unlimited leverage from FortFS. And this means that it is possible:

  • To use leverage up to 1:∞ ;
  • To trade with a margin that is equal to zero;
  • To open more positions and get bigger profits!;


Unlimited leverage operates under the following conditions:

  1. To activate the unlimited leverage in the Trader's Room, in Account Settings, please tick on the Endless Leverage field.
  2. The unlimited leverage is not available for Newbie, PRO and S.T.A.R. accounts.
  3. Positions must be opened no later than 360 minutes before the end of Friday trading session and not earlier than 2 hours after the beginning of trading session on Monday.
  4. The time between opened positions must be more than 5 minutes. In case of opening a position earlier than the specified period with the current contract the nominal leverage of the trading account will be placed on the position. This rule acts on the locked positions as well.
  5. Total number of open lots for 1 contract must be no more than 2 standard or 200 cent lots.
  6. In case the amount of free funds on the account becomes less than the account balance and the loss by the opened positions (Open PL) exceeds the equity value / 2, then for all opened positions the leverage will be set as the nominal one.
    For example: account balance is $ 500. An order of 1 lot volume was placed using the unlimited leverage service. If the current loss by that order exceeds the amount of $ 167 then the initially set by the trader leverage will be automatically applied for this trading account. The calculation is made as follows: amount of free funds on the account is the amount of funds that are calculated as the account balance + Open PL by opened positions. In case the orders start to move downwards then Open PL amount is to be deducted off the account balance. If Open PL equals to $167 the equity of the account will be 500-167 = $ 333. At the same time, if we divide the amount of $ 333 dollars by 2 we will get $ 166.5 that is less than current Open PL by opened position (166.5 less than 167). Therefore, the initial leverage set by trader will be applied for such position in accordance to terms and conditions of promotion. This rule as well might be applied in case there are several orders opened on the trading account. In this case, Open PL is calculated of all opened positions.
  7. The ulimited leverage is not compatible with other bonuses of the Company: enabling the unlimited leverage is not possible if you have any other active bonus on your account. Similarly, you can not get any other bonuses if you have the unlimited leverage enabled. 
  8. It is possible to switch off unlimited leverage only if there are no open positions on the trading account.
  9. To place a new order you must have enough margin on account balance based on the margin requirements for such position. Right after the successful order execution and in case other terms and conditions are met, the unlimited leverage will be immediately applied for the order and the supporting margin will be set as zero.
  10. Currently, unlimited leverage can be activated only for MT4 accounts.

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