This is how many units of one currency you can buy with another currency on the market at the moment. For example, if the quotation for the pair EUR/USD is equal to 1.230, it means that one euro is worth 1.238 dollars. Quotations are not only for currency, but also for any tools (commodities, metals) that are traded on the financial market. There is a quotation every second that you can watch in your terminal (see). If you look at the price chart window, you will see that to the right of the scale there are constantly changing numbers, precisely these are the movement of price up and down. On the lower scale of the terminal below the graph, you can see a number (today, yesterday, a month or even a year ago). So you can determine what the quotation was at a certain time in the past. To make it easier to compare, the box of the window is divided by vertical and horizontal dashed lines connecting the date and place on the chart. Quotations can be straight (see), reverse (see) and cross-rates (see).

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