Fundamental analytics


Oil quotes keep downward movement vector amid growth of concerns regarding forming of oversupply on the market.  


Gold finished trading on Wednesday with a rather strong decline amid a stronger dollar and lower demand for defensive assets.    

Sabina Lautenschlager, representing Germany on the ECB, unexpectedly announced her resignation due to significant disagreements on the implementation of the bank's monetary policy. 


Today oil market is being traded in the red. There is a bunch of important factors that weigh in on the quotes.  


Oil market retains moderately downward movement vector amid messages on recovery of oil production in Saudi Arabia and easing tensions in the Middle East.  

According to Reuters, China is ready to make new concessions to intensify trade negotiations with the United States.  


After the publication of weak economic data from Europe, gold maintains an upward vector amid growing fears of investors about a slowdown in the global economy.   


Oil market is being traded in a limited range keeping monitoring the situation in the Middle East.

Negotiations between the US and China last week again dispelled investors' expectations regarding the possibility of signing a trade agreement soon.


The EUR / USD pair is trading lower on Monday by more than 0.4%, reacting to the publication of weak statistics from Europe.