Fundamental analytics


Oil prices rise on Monday, fully offsetting Friday losses. 


Gold hit a fresh 4-day high today thanks to a weaker dollar. 

On Monday, there was increased investor interest in risk assets in Asia after the publication of positive macroeconomic statistics from Japan and China and the signing of the ASEAN agreement.

At the beginning of the week, investors reacted sharply to positive news about the successful testing of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine.  


The EUR / USD pair on Friday is trading in a very narrow range amid the lack of news on the market that could upset the balance.


Gold rallied Friday morning in Asia as a second wave of coronavirus increasingly stifles economic activity in Europe, the United States and elsewhere.

According to Edison Research, Joe Biden won the election in Arizona, increasing his advantage over Donald Trump by 11 votes of the Electoral College. 


GBP / USD is declining after the publication of weaker macroeconomic data from the UK.


The EUR / USD pair is trading with a slight decline on Thursday (-0.1%).