Fundamental analytics

A vast majority of Asian stock indexes were able to secure gains by the end of the week, although uncertainty continues to weigh on market sentiment.  

Let’s be honest. Many of us who are interested to become Forex traders might not actually have sufficient funds to play on the big leagues. 

Yesterday, USD dollar moved to growth in the second half of the US session, which coincided with the release of data from the Fed's Beige Book, in which several districts reported wages and price pressure. 10-year US bonds yields has grown, which contributed to the expectation that US companies will repatriate incomes held abroad.

On Wednesday, European markets traded under pressure amid overall market decline in risk appetite. 

Asian stock indexes were mixed on Thursday, with some of them recovering from prior session losses following a strong lead from Wall Street and as investors looked ahead to China’s data.  

Yesterday after a small rebound in Asian trading, the dollar declined in the US session. 

On Tuesday, US stocks came under pressure near the end of the trading session and closed in the red. Today, Europe and Asia have largely followed Wall Street and are also traded in negative territory. 

Asian equities traded mainly down on Wednesday following a reversal of Wall Street’s three major indexes that left them in red territory in the previous session.  

Cryptocurrencies are now present everywhere. 

After yesterday's large sales, when the US markets were closed, today USD dollar strengthened against all major currencies and most emerging market currencies.