Fundamental analytics

If you have been reading our articles lately, we can be almost sure you understand the importance of developing a trading plan before getting into this business.  

Asian equity markets were mainly higher on Monday as participants looked with optimism to a major tax reform in the United States to be approved later this week.  

In the FOREX currency market, the European currency is consolidating after yesterday's sell-off. 

Equity markets in Europe and Asia moved to negative territory on Friday, as growing uncertainty around a possible tax revision in the US lowered the enthusiasm of investors worldwide.

Most Asian equity indexes were lower on Friday, following a weak close in Wall Street and as market players continued to digest key monetary policy gatherings.  

I get you. Believe me, I do. 

The European Central Bank left its interest rates unchanged, despite positive economic forecasts and the expected strong growth of the Eurozone for the period until 2020.

On Thursday, European indices are traded under pressure amid an informative trading day.

Most Asian markets were slightly lower on Thursday following a key Federal Reserve interest rate hike in the US and as traders remain cautious ahead of new monetary meetings in the day.  

At Forex with the start of the American session, USD currency moved to some weakness, after data on consumer prices showed that the value of inflation was lower than analysts had expected.