Fundamental analytics

At the end of the week, crypto market displays the return of some positive signs


Over the last two trading sessions, ether price rose from $ 164 to $ 223. However, on Friday quotes of the second crypto currency pulled back to the value of $ 200, followed by some recovered to the $ 206 zone. It is interesting enough that the minimal positive movement on the bitcoin market, when on Thursday the quotes gained to the $ 6560 zone, caused a large-scale corrective ether growth. Moreover, today  local pullback from this level, in turn, caused the correction of the ether.

We wrote earlier that once ether oversold conditions have reached its limit, the market will move to a sharp strengthening after the emergence of a number of positive significant news that could positively affect the development of the crypto industry in the future. The nearest tactical level of resistance for bitcoin is in the $ 6500 zone, as for ether, the local resistance is located in the $ 218- $ 230 zone. Capitalization of the entire crypto currency market must again overcome the psychological mark of $ 200 billion.