Expiration history and rules for CFD futures

High-level services informativity provided by the company was always the top priority of FortFS. The important feature of CFDs is availability of expiration date for the each contract of that group.

Expiration date is a trading transaction closing date or the day when the contract validity expires.

Approaching the expiration date “Read only” mode sets for the contract, all previously placed positions are closed at the last market prices (Bid – for buy orders, Ask – for sell orders) and all pending orders as well as the contract itself shall be removed from the trading terminal.

Closer to the contract expiration date it is most likely that the low liquidity and high volatility might occur. Furthermore the price gaps occurrence is possible. Due to this it is required to pay attention on such set of facts during the potential risks calculation and following risk-management principles in general.

*Pay your attention that within last expiration day trading lasts half of the day.