888 Bonus

Dear traders and partners, 


We are glad to invite you to participate in our new promotion 888 Bonus.From 30th of July until 31st of August 2018 all accounts with balance of at least 150 USD (or the equivalent in another currency) will be credited with an extra amount in form of a percentage for every profitable trade closed. The percentage is based on the “Fibonacci” sequence and will change depending on the day when the trade is closed. Below is the table with percentages that correspond to specific dates.

The profit gained from trading can be withdrawn at any time without restrictions.

When the promotion “888 Bonus” ends your accounts will participate in a lucky draw. 5 trading accounts will be randomly selected regardless of the deposited amount and the gained profit. On the selected accounts the received reward will be doubled (you should carefully read the terms and conditions of this promotion). This amount will be immediately available for withdrawal without any restrictions.

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Date % Date %
30/07 1 16/08 5
31/07 1 17/08 8
1/08 2 20/08 5
2/08 3 21/08 3
3/08 5 22/08 2
06/08 8 23/08 1
07/08 5 24/08 1
08/08 3 27/08 2
09/08 2 28/08 3
10/08 1 29/08 5
13/08 1 30/08 8
14/08 2 31/08 5
15/08 3

All amounts are credited as a separate balance transaction.

  • The promotion is valid from 30.07.2018 until 31.08.2018 inclusively
  • Newbie, Pro and S.T.A.R accounts are not taking part in the promotion.
  • This promotion is not available for the accounts with previously received Mega Protect, Support Margin and Welcome bonuses.
  • The minimum bonus amount is: 1 cent on standard accounts and 0.01 cent on cent accounts.
  • All dates are accounted strictly in accordance with the terminal time which means that every new day starts at 00:00:00 terminal time.
  • Only accounts with a balance of at least 150 USD (or the equivalent in another currency) can participate in the promotion.This sum includes all closed trades and bonuses with the exception of deposit bonuses.
  • The maximum amount of a one time credited reward is limited to 50 USD or the equivalent in another currency.
  • The total amount of credited bonuses on one account cannot be more than 150 USD or the equivalent.
  • Clients may have several accounts participating in the promotion.
  • Upon completing of promotion all participants will take part in prize drawing. Five winners will be selected randomly whose final profit amount will be doubled.
  • The amount of the credited % is available for withdrawal without restrictions.
  • In case of fraudulent activities the company reserves the right to cancel the added bonuses and cancel the promotion for all accounts of the client.