Signal King contest!

signal king

Do you write Forex analytics? Then we need you!

From October 07 to October 11, 2019, we are giving away a prize fund of 350 USD to the best analysts.
The main prize - 200 USD, as well as employment in FortFS!

In total there will be 3 winners who will receive:

  • 200 USD for I place
  • 100 USD for II place
  • 50 USD for III place

Check the detailed conditions and win!

  1. The contest is held from October 07 to October 11, 2019
  2. The prize fund is equal to 350 USD only if the number of participants is 11 or more people. If the number of participants is 10 or less, the prize fund is 200 USD
  3. The participant must be a member of the official FortFS chat in Telegram
  4. Each participant must publish 3 reviews in the official Telegram chat from 07 October to 11 October
  5. Each review should contain the following trading signals:
    • Currency pairs (at your choice of CAD, JPY, AUD, NZD)
    • Precious metal (at your choice of XAU, XAG)
    • Energy (at your choice of #BRENT, #WTI)
  6. The review must contain:
    1. Brief (substantive part of the review)
    2. Conclusion about the direction of movement (trend)
    3. Trade recommendations
    4. #SignalKing hashtag
    5. Image with the chart
  7. Images with the charts should be formatted as follows: - instead of FortFS logo, there should be a watermark
  8. The watermark is available here, here
  9. The number of symbols in the review, excluding spaces, should be at least 350
  10. The time interval between the reviews publication should be 24 hours or more
  11. The text of the reviews should be in English only
  12. If a participant fails to comply with the rules, his or her reviews will not be accepted
  13. All participants agree that reviews are becoming the property of FortFS
  14. Basic requirements for the review text:
    • Competent English language
    • The text should be at least 90% unique (can be checked on the website:
    • Copying of materials from other sites, as well as duplication of any other articles is prohibited
    • The text should reflect the review name
    • The text should be written in the business style
    • The text may include the FortFS company name
    • Mentioning the names of FortFS competitor companies is not allowed
  15. If the total number of participants is 11 or more people, the prize fund is 350 USD and is divided between 3 winners as follows:
    1. 200 USD for I place
    2. 100 USD for II place
    3. 50 USD for III place
  16. If the total number of participants is 10 or less people, the prize fund is 200 USD. The amount is fully credited to the winner's trading account opened in FortFS
  17. Prize money cannot be invested in S.T.A.R. accounts until the trading lots conditions are met
  18. Relatives are not allowed to get prize money. In such case, bonuses and profits on all related accounts will be cancelled
  19. If the winner, for whatever reason, does not take the prize, it is automatically handed over to the next trader, chosen randomly from the list of participants
  20. The maximum amount of prize money withdrawal is limited to:
    1. 200 USD for I place
    2. 100 USD for II place
    3. 50 USD for III place
  21. The maximum time frame for possible withdrawal of prize money is 3 months from the moment it is credited to the trading account
  22. Withdrawal of the prize is possible only if the trading account turnover conditions are met: on standard accounts it is necessary to make a trading turnover of 30 lots in total; on cent accounts - 3000 lots
  23. To receive the prize, the winner must send a direct message to the FortFS Telegram bot @FortFSbot indicating his or her real account number
  24. The prize will be credited within 24 hours after our bot receives a direct message from the winner
  25. The winners will be announced on October 16, 2019 in the official FortFS Telegram chat and on FortFS official website
  26. When determining the winners among the participants of the competition, the moderators of FortFS are guided by their own opinion, which may be subjective and not coincide with the opinion of the participants of the competition
  27. The first place winner will be offered employment with FortFS if:
    • The winner will be interviewed in person
    • The winner will agree to the employment terms offered at the interview
    • The company management will decide on the employment of the winner based on the interview