Alpha Bonus

alpha bonus

Dreaming of ruling the Forex universe? 
FortFS will help you realize your dreams!

From 06 of May till 07 of June 2019 become the owner of a unique artifact called Alpha Bonus and subdue the financial element!

Six main components of Alpha Bonus:

  • The higher the account balance, the higher the bonus amount
  • Available on standard and cent accounts
  • Available on swap-free account
  • Deposit time does not matter
  • Bonus withdrawal with no restrictions
  • A possibility to activate Autorebate

Conditions for receiving Alpha Bonus:

  1. Active trading account
  2. Account balance from 100 USD
  3. Active trading
  4. Bonus for every 10th traded standard lot

Gain maximum power with Alpha Bonus!


Terms and conditions of the promotion:

  1. The maximum amount of bonuses for one client is 500 USD
  2. Only the trading lots on Forex and spot metals are counted towards the promotion
  3. Multidirectional or locked positions do not participate in the promotion
  4. Lots are counted separately for every trading account of the client
  5. If the balance on the account becomes less than 100 USD, this account is withdrawn from participating in the promotion. The counting of lots for this account starts anew when this account reaches the balance required for participation in the promotion
  6. The company reserves the right to cancel all bonuses accrued in case of any abuse of the promotion terms, in particular, any sort of artificial trading lots generation
  7. By default, all client’s accounts participate in the promotion, except for Newbie, PRO and S.T.A.R. accounts
  8. All amounts are in US dollars or cents, and equivalents are calculated for accounts in other currencies at current exchange rates
  9. Currently, Alpha Bonus can only be activated for MT4 accounts
  10. The promotion is valid from May 06, 2019 to June 07, 2019
  11. In case of refusal to participate in the promotion, you need to write such a request in a free form to, or using the Support Service system in your Trader’s cabinet

The bonus is credited in the following amount:

Standard accountsCent accounts
Account balance Bonus for every 10th traded standard lot Account balance Bonus for every 1000th traded lot
From 100 to 250 2 USD From 10000 to 25000 2 USD
From 250 to 500 5 USD From 25000 to 50000 5 USD
From 500 to 750 7 USD From 50000 to 75000 7 USD
From 750 to 1000 10 USD From 75000 to 100000 10 USD
From 1000 to 1500 12 USD From 100000 to 150000 12 USD
Over 1500 15 USD Over 150000 15 USD