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Switching clock to winter time in EU countries on the night of 25/26 October 2014. Changing the trade server time

Please pay your attention that Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) ends on the night of 25/26 October 2014 and European countries will adjust the clocks backwards. United States will also turn to winter time on the night of 2/3 of November 2014.
Thus all the american instruments and Forex instruments will be available for trading at 23:00 of the terminal time on the night of 25/26 of October. So the trades closing on the mentioned instruments will take place an hour earlier according to the European time. Trading on american exchange instruments and FOREX currencies will revert to usual terminal time on the 2rd of November.

Trading schedule change applies to the following exchanges:

as well as the Forex market and Spot.

We remind that terminal time corresponds to the Central European time zone + 1 hour (CET+1)

Please consider this information while planning your trading.

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