Newbie Account

Every day, thousands of people want to learn the profession of trader, both as a prestigious and lucrative activity. However, to start successfully working and earning through Forex trading, every trader needs to have knowledge of and experience with financial markets.

Specifically designed for the inexperienced traders, our team has developed a special type of trading account that supports and helps our clients to test and develop their strategy despite all related risks. We understand that you are just making your first steps into the world of trading. Regarding this the broker provides a unique feature, 10% compensation of the loss amount. With our service, learning how to trade on FOREX with FortFS has become even safer!

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instant loss amount compensation

In case your position is closed with a loss, 10% of the loss amount is credited on your Flex Newbie Account as a form of support from our company. This compensation may be used in future transactions or withdrawn from the account without any restrictions. This is possible due to the fact that we use only hi-tech hedging algorithms, co-operating with best ECN platforms and lowest spread possible. All that has allowed to secure your trading with FortFS.

Trading conditions
  • FLEX type Cent account
  • Account currency - US dollar
  • Fixed leverage 1: 1000
  • Market execution
  • Unlimited lifetime of account
  • Unlimited maximum deposit
  • The maximum amount of simultaneously opened transactions for one trading instrument is 10 CENT lots placed in one direction
  • The maximum amount of simultaneously placed positions is 2000 (including pending orders)
  • 10% of the compensation is automatically credited to the account from the recorded loss
  • This compensation is calculated only if its size is greater than 1 cent
Important information
  • No swaps
  • Only one Newbie account is allowed per one registered profile
  • Dividends (yearly interest rate deposited monthly on account balance) are not credited
  • Welcome bonus, Deposit bonus and Support Margin bonus are not available for the account type
  • In case of any abuse of the terms of trade, the Company has the right to stop providing the compensation and change your account type to Flex standard. In this case all previously credited compensations will be cancelled.
  • If it is evident for the Company that the trader is not a newbie, the company has the right to change the account type to Flex standard and cancel previously credited compensation.