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Interestingly, despite the high volatility after the Fed meeting, the market situation has not changed much. High volatility quickly ended, the growth of the US dollar was quickly leveled. As a result, the market provided another good, non-risky opportunity for opening long positions and joining the upward movement when it short-term fell to 1.1365. Today, in early European trading, the pair approached a maximum around 1.1430, which is quite a strong zone of resistance, but given the recent pullback, we can expect that market brake through this mark. In this case, the next resistance zone will be in the area of 1.1460. Immediate support is located in 1.1400.

Trading recommendations – careful longs around 1.1400


The weakness of the US dollar led to some recovery in the British currency market. However, strategically and tactically, the market situation has not changed much. On Monday, GBP / USD approached the first resistance at 1.2660. It should be noted that this level is supported by a downtrend resistance line, an additional technical deterrent restraining the recovery of the market. Of course, the British currency market is oversold, but one should not expect a recovery of this market under current conditions.

Trading recommendations - out of the market


On Wednesday, the pressure on the Australian dollar has intensified strongly, and this is reflected in the chart. The pair broke through the level of 0.7165, a strong support zone that held back the market decline during the week. The massive decline in the Australian currency brought market quotes to 0.7100, where bulls are trying to organize a new support.

Trading recommendations - out of the market


High volatility at the end of the Fed meeting and profit taking scared buyers and led to profit taking on the gold market. As a result, the market fell into the area of the nearest support 1241, where it was necessary to place limit orders for purchase. The market provided another good and safe opportunity to open long positions. In European trading, the market strengthened to the level of 1250 and continues to look positive. However, we cannot recommend opening long positions at these maximum levels, the market is close to maximum levels on the last days of the last active trading week of the year.

Trading recommendations - out of market