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20% discount to FortFS clients for FortFC tokens



Dear traders and investors,

FortFC offers you a unique opportunity to get an additional 20% discount for FFCT tokens purchasing.

FortFC is an indispensable hi-tech project for everyone who deals with cryptocurrencies. Our innovative service aggregates the liquidity from the pool of the most popular crypto-exchanges worldwide. As a result, all FortFC clients get a unique opportunity to choose the best offer at the moment to buy, sell or exchange a cryptocurrency from any exchange!

20% discount is valid during the whole ICO except for the Private Sale and can be summed up to the current discounts depending on the ICO period.


  1. This promo action is valid from 04.09.18 to 25.10.18 inclusive.
  2. This discount applies to all stages of ICO, except Private Sale, and can be used only once.
  3. The maximum sum to buy tokens with a 20% discount is 1000 EUR or its equivalent in another currency.
  4. A discount of 20% is summed up to the current bonuses and discounts during the ICO.
  5. Only 50,000,000 company tokens will be allocated for this promo action.
  6. In case of any fra or manipulation of this share, the company reserves the right to disconnect the account from this promotion without further explanation of the reasons.

FortFC Tokens will be on sale for Ethereum, at $ 0.14 USD per token. Tokens might be used as a payment for the services provided by the company as well as can be withdrawn to a crypto-wallet.

To receive tokens you need to complete these simple steps:

  1. Get registered on FortFC website
  2. Verify your cellphone number via SMS
  3. Enter your first name, second name and date of birth in your Personal information section of your profile

More detailed information about simplified verification you can find here.

Pass the registration and verification procedure before 25 October 2018 and get a competitive advantage before other investors!