About CopyTrading

CopyTrading is the automatic service to copy trades from the accounts of the leading successful traders. The system allows to manage the financial risks by setting the copy ratio according to your free margin.In order to help you to choose an appropriate Master account we developed a convenient ranking list which highlights the efficiency of each account.

CopyTrading main benefits:
Refund guarantee in case of an absence of the trading signals.
Master accounts rating list based on relevant information.
Full control
over your trading.
0.1 second
copying execution

Our service (platform) is aimed to help the experienced traders to get extra profit by selling the subscription for the trading signals from their Master accounts.




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Master accounts rating

Master Accounts rating is based on the basis of how effectively a particular Master account manages the capital involved in trading. It means that despite the Master account balance, the rating considers only the rate of profit growth to the margin participating in the transaction.

Trader A has $ 1,000 on the account balance. He sells 1 lot USDJPY, using $ 100 for this trade.
Trader A has earned $ 200, therefore his efficiency is 200/100 * 100% = 200%
Trader B also has $ 1,000 on the account balance. He sells 5 lots USDJPY. Margin for this trade is $ 500. Trader B earns $ 500, therefore his efficiency is 500/500 * 100% = 100%.
Trader B showed lower efficiency to the amount of the funds involved in trading, hence his position in the rating is lower than position of Trader A.

Thus, Master Accounts rating shows the most fair statistics of each Master Account’s performance.

You can find the full rating of the Master accounts as well as detailed statistics on each Master Account in the trader account.

PositionAccount nameSubscription priceMax drawdownCurrent profitAccount ageEfficiency
135Percent15 USD-16.53 USD144.78 USD104 day(s) 994.66 %
2AHH30 USD-1587.30 USDC1676.20 USDC28 day(s) 155.38 %
3Al-Hafizh15 USD-7697.90 USDC425388.17 USDC503 day(s) 29.56 %
4AsalBiruCabut290 USD-601.27 USDC2894.29 USDC343 day(s) 26.29 %
5Antigrid15 USD-1475.42 EUR21531.69 EUR998 day(s) 21.02 %
6VFSistemEURUSD15 USD-453.64 EURC7843.11 EURC25 day(s) 17.64 %
7VFSystem15 USD-1414.02 EURC26320.24 EURC230 day(s) 12.04 %
8Highly-stable115 USD-2677.52 USDC21298.06 USDC382 day(s) 9.63 %
9MegaProfit-0315 USD-3837.51 USDC30820.17 USDC620 day(s) 8.65 %
10XazaRobots215 USD-5417.48 USDC143559.44 USDC239 day(s) 8.31 %
11HuyFX30 USD-27.59 USD153.57 USD159 day(s) 8.29 %
12VLG0215 USD-22638.93 USDC85560.76 USDC1275 day(s) 7.93 %
13MMD15 USD-1229.20 USDC2517.77 USDC252 day(s) 7.15 %
14VictoryFX15 USD-19.97 USD32.97 USD54 day(s) 6.87 %
15BUDriver15 USD-39256.42 USDC269199.28 USDC1008 day(s) 6.65 %
16UFC-FG-FSS370 USD-11433.08 EURC35490.31 EURC178 day(s) 5.92 %
17GridFS35 USD-3859.84 EURC54878.42 EURC136 day(s) 5.31 %
18B251982m20 USD-3788.56 USDC2375.64 USDC491 day(s) 5.12 %
19BotScout15 USD-204.48 USDC4115.49 USDC17 day(s) 4.58 %
20Midas-Hand35 USD-2326.24 USDC48668.84 USDC460 day(s) 4.41 %
21QUICK-INCOME25 USD-1381.73 USDC3841.58 USDC443 day(s) 3.35 %
22Watchmaker25 USD-7181.00 USDC23398.48 USDC776 day(s) 3.17 %
23BollingerReverse-JPY15 USD-4669.37 USDC53693.21 USDC1281 day(s) 3.07 %
24Professional-Ea15 USD-90.00 USDC420.52 USDC106 day(s) 2.63 %
25StarBot30 USD-10620.03 USDC3485.15 USDC168 day(s) 2.46 %
26HighRiskProfitmachine77 USD-1832.39 EURC6766.80 EURC530 day(s) 1.78 %
27FX-Pro-executive30 USD-2276.50 USDC4063.31 USDC138 day(s) 0.96 %
28SNIPPER30 USD-11712.00 USDC7585.92 USDC180 day(s) 0.77 %
29Febuz18 USD-18758.37 EURC8674.31 EURC29 day(s) 0.72 %
30MegaProfit-0515 USD-35.90 USD78.44 USD259 day(s) 0.68 %
31XazaRobots415 USD-16.50 USDC1890.49 USDC19 day(s) 0.42 %
32Habit15 USD-74.74 EUR38.83 EUR312 day(s) 0.33 %
33pilot-trader15 USD-4848.43 USDC1954.83 USDC587 day(s) 0.11 %
34Profit0215 USD-46.84 USD-0.76 USD266 day(s) -0.02 %
35Invencible20 USD-31193.08 EURC-1053.21 EURC1186 day(s) -0.09 %
36MultiProfit15 USD-210.33 USD76.06 USD488 day(s) -0.31 %
37Dargombez30 USD-2221.44 USDC-224.78 USDC63 day(s) -0.45 %
38MegaProfit-0415 USD-1703.63 USDC-526.18 USDC620 day(s) -0.50 %
39DynamicAc15 USD-640.31 USDC-1291.84 USDC5 day(s) -0.50 %
40Merchant-FX15 USD-9582.00 USDC-21846.90 USDC405 day(s) -0.62 %